Liz Went On A Feminist Rant On 'The Bachelor'

by Nicole Pomarico
Michael Yada/ABC

If you've watched The Bachelor this season, you probably know exactly how Nick Viall met Liz Sandoz: At Jade and Tanner's wedding. Being that they met before the show but Liz decided at the time to not exchange numbers, her change of heart seemed suspicious to Nick, and she ended up being sent home pretty early on. But on Monday night's special, Liz is back... and with a vengeance. Liz's rant on The Bachelor: Women Tell All only made everyone love her more, even if it was a little too late for Nick.

When it was Liz's turn in the hot seat, her history with Nick (did you know they met at Jade and Tanner's wedding?) was the first thing that came up — obviously, since the fact that she wasn't interested in him back then was a big part of the reason Nick decided to send her home. Immediately, Liz launched into an inspiring speech about women making their own sexual decisions free from judgment, and although I halfway expected the audience (and the other women) to turn against her, it actually seemed to turn things around for her.

There was applauding. There was cheering. It was as if she'd just announced everyone in the audience would receive a $100 gift card to Lush. It was insane.

However, it was a total testament to how much people loved Liz, even when it didn't seem like they did. Nick may have viewed her as someone who was trying to use him for his fame, but as far as the people who were in the room at WTA were concerned, he may have been the only one.

It's not that I don't agree with what Liz was saying; she made a lot of good points about how women are unfairly treated or shamed, especially when the topic of sex comes up. I'm not sure it was actually pertinent to the reason she was booted off The Bachelor, but she seemed to empower everyone around her, which is a good quality to have. And even when she brought up how women are treated unfairly again later in the show, the cheering continued.

I have no idea what the future holds for Liz, but if she gives up on the whole doula thing, I have a feeling she has a future as a motivational speaker.