Loft Is Now Selling Plus & Straight Sizes Together In Stores

Loft Plus is now offered in the same section as straight size clothing.

While strides have been made in the availability of plus size clothing online, shopping in physical stores can still be difficult. There are a few brick and mortar options like Torrid, but often, if plus sizing is offered in stores, it's isolated to its own section. Loft Plus is hoping to change that.

If you didn't already know, Loft has an impressive selection of plus size clothing. The brand offers everything from outerwear to work wear in sizes 14-26, and yes, these sizes are sold in stores. However, until recently, Loft's plus options were in their own section. Slowly, that's no longer becoming the case.

Loft has rolled out inclusive sections inside select stores nationwide. This means that all customers, regardless of size, will be shopping side by side in the same sections. No more being banished to the dark depths of the back of the room.

These new inclusive sections will include all of Loft's sizes — which range from 00-26 — placed together on the same racks. Turns out, shoppers are partly to thank for this decision. The brand explains that the decision was motivated by customers who wanted to enjoy the experience of shopping together in stores regardless of size. Clearly, Loft listens.

Laura Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer at Loft tells Bustle, "Feedback is incredibly important to us at LOFT. Through our store associates, our plus ambassadors, surveys, and more, we've gotten a variety of insights about how our clients want to shop, and one piece of feedback we heard from some was a desire for multiple clients to be able to shop together in the same section of our stores. So we decided to try this in a handful of stores by featuring key, favorite pieces in one place in 00-26, and we're so excited to see how she responds to it!"

Bustle reached out to Loft regarding whether the brand will expand its inclusive sections into all of its stores or eventually eliminate a plus size section altogether. The brand explained that nothing is off the table for the future.

If you're a current Loft customers and love this change, let the brand know. The new sections are a direct result of shoppers, and more inclusive shopping experiences are always welcome.