Lokai’s Black & White Bracelets Are Special

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Lokai

Forget everything you know about Lokai, because this brand is switching it up in a big way. The company makes a bracelet in a new color to support a different charity each month, but this time you're in control. According to their website, the Black & White Lokai bracelet supports the charity of your choice. That's not the only way they're switching it up either, and fans are pretty excited about the launch.

With the current political climate of our country, charitable clothing and accessories have never been more popular. Although Lokai is no stranger to donating proceeds, they're doing things a bit different in Feb. Instead of picking a designated charity for the month, they're giving their customers a choice. With the purchase of the Black & White Lokai, 10 percent of proceeds will benefit Autism Speaks, National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, ASPCA, The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement or The American Heart Association. The choice is yours!

Black & White Lokai, $36, Lokai

“For so many, these last few months have been a time of uncertainty and change," Lokai Founder and CEO Steven Izen said in an email. "With the launch of the new Black & White Lokai, we wanted to give people a wearable reminder that you have the power to make a difference.”

Courtesy Lokai

Black & White Lokai, $36, Lokai

There's a second surprise this month as well. Instead of getting one bracelet, you'll get two. The Black & White Lokai comes with a solid white and solid black band. You can shop the set on the Lokai website right now. The two bands will cost you $36, with 10 percent going to one of the charities.

Courtesy Lokai

Fans are pretty excited about this month's selection too. Not only is the charitable aspect catching people's attention, but the colors are as well. They've never launched black and white band before, so this is getting people excited.

Yes, 'effing way!

That's dedication.


Don't we all.

Black & White Lokai, $36, Lokai

The emoji says it all.

Everything about this launch is pretty great, but it won't be around for long. You should head over and grab one of these limited-edition purchases while you still can.