This May The Fourth Sex Toy Collection Gives ''Star Wars' Fans The Power Of The Force

There's no doubt about it: May the Fourth is one of Star Wars fans' favorite days of the year. But I grew up with the name Léa, pronounced like the Star Wars princess, and that meant a childhood of ridicule and being asked awkward questions about whether my parents thought of Star Wars while they were doing it. Such is life. But if there's one thing that can get me a little more on board with May the Fourth — and the entire Star Wars franchise — is some Star Wars-themed sex gear that will at least repay my years of torment with some awesome orgasms. And that's exactly what Lovehoney, the popular sex toy retailer, has come up with.

"Star Wars is so legendary, it’s only natural that people will see those iconic likenesses in everything — including their sex toys! Once one of the team pointed out the similarity between the Doc Johnson Stinger and a lightsaber, we couldn’t unsee it," Coco Cameron, Lovehoney’s in-house sexpert, tells Bustle. "People take sex so seriously, but it’s something that’s meant to be enjoyable and fun, so why not bring in a wand vibrator that looks a bit like one of the greatest cinematic villains of all time, or the most iconic spaceship ever?"

While the toys in the collection weren't all designed to be Star Wars sex toys initially, some them bare an uncanny resemblance to characters and props from the film. If you want to see what they've got— for you or another Star Wars fan in your life — here's the May the Fourth curated collection from Lovehoney.

Lovehoney 3-Speed Micro Magic Wand Vibrator

If you're looking for a little guy with a lot of force, this toy definitely fits the bill. It's small enough to be portable and discreet, but still has three vibration settings so you can get all of the power you need, wherever you are. And it 100 percent looks like a storm trooper. One. Hundred. Precent.

Doc Johnson The Stinger Electro Play Wand

This toy is designed to mimic a cattle prod — but don't worry, it's sexier than it sounds. It's an e-stim tool that actually has visible sparks and a crackly sound, but the shock it gives is mild, according to the users, so it's OK for beginners. And you can feel like you're rocking a lightsaber, while you're at it.

Jimmyjane FORM 2 Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

This toy is pricey, but it packs a punch. Described as "dainty yet dynamic" this vibrator's rabbit ears will take the clitoral sensation to another level. It has five speeds, four vibration levels, and it's small enough that it can be used solo or easily incorporated into sex. And Lovehoney says it can take you from you from 0-orgasm in less than 12 parsecs.

Renegade Rubber Latex Gimp Mask Muzzle

Whether you're already an S&M or latex fan — or you just want to do some kind of sexy Darth Vader impression — this mask can work for kink, role play, or anything else where you don't mind your cheeks getting sweaty.

Lovehoney 3-Speed Micro Massage Wand Vibrator

BUM BUM BUM BA BA BAHHH BA BA BAHHHH. If that tune doesn't pop into your head as soon as you see this, then I don't even know what you're doing looking at Star Wars sex toys. If you want some portable power with a tiny vibrator that doesn't hold back, but you also want to feel like you're spending some time with the Dark Lord between your thighs, this is the vibe for you.

I told you, the resemblance is freaky. So whether you want to take your role play up a notch or just inject some Star Wars vibes into your alone time, there's a lot to choose from. And, I guess I have to say it: May the Fourth be with you.