It's Sonja Versus Dorinda & Luann On 'RHONY'

Matthew Eiseman/Bravo

The lines have been drawn on Real Housewives Of New York for over a season now, and frankly, I’m really tired of this fight. On one side is Sonja, and on the other side are Dorinda and Luann, and I don’t know, you guys. I’m weary. I’m tired. I just want everyone to get along or at least fight about something else. Sonja battled both Luann and Dorinda on Real Housewives Of New York, and can’t we all just get along? Or something?

Let me recap — Luann is mad at Sonja because Sonja won’t let her and her fiancé-now-husband, Tom, just be. Sonja is mad at Luann because she and Tom had a history, and then Luann got engaged to Tom. Sonja is mad at Dorinda because Sonja wasn’t invited to Dorinda’s Berkshires house a year prior, and Dorinda is mad because… some reason. I’m not even really sure anymore, to be honest. They’re all just avoiding each other. In this case, I think Sonja needs to move along down the road to forgiveness and be Dorinda’s buddy again. Dorinda also needs to not make jokes about Sonja’s drinking, and then we can all be one big happy family again.

You would hope that these battles would have stopped last season (since that’s where they started), but no. No, no. These women have drawn their battle lines and they will go to war if it means proving themselves right. Ladies, we have so many bigger problems in the world, and I know that this is entertainment and everything, but let’s get on one side. Frankly, let’s do anything but fight over these dumb things, because I guarantee you that you all don’t even know what you’re fighting about. Time to get over it.