Lululemon's 'This Is Yoga' Campaign Will Inspire You

Courtesy of Lululemon

As an activewear company, Lululemon is known for their ultra-comfy leggings that started a yoga pant revolution, and of course, that ubiquitous silver logo you can spot pretty much anytime, anywhere. But in the brand's first-ever global ad campaign, it's actually hard to spot either of those hallmarks. Instead, Lululemon's This Is Yoga campaign focuses on different people around the globe and how slipping on their stretchiest gear and getting their yoga flow on actually shapes, grounds, and grows their lives.

The campaign, produced in partnership with VICE’s global creative agency, features seven different athletes, influencers, and artists to show that yoga benefits different people in different ways. For Lululemon Elite ambassador and three-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings, it's a practice of self-discipline. For brand ambassador and professional surfer Maddie Peterson, it's a practice of trust. And for London-based rapper P Money, it's a practice of breath.

Also involved in the campaign are Beijing female punk band drummer Shi “Atom” Lu, Mexico City-based ballroom dancers House of Apocalipstick, Artist CJ Hendry, and Art of Capoeira instructor and Lululemon ambassador Jian Pablico. To them, yoga is a practice of self-discovery, letting go, meditation, and non-violence, respectively.

The campaign was shot at locations around the globe including NYC, LA, Beijing, London, Mexico City, and Vancouver, where the company hails from. It makes for a pretty visually stunning video, even if there isn't really any yoga gear to fall in love with.

For anyone who practices yoga (or is even just considering it), the video serves as an inspiration to find what yoga means to you individually, and discover how its benefits impact your life off the mat. It just may give you a nudge to go sign up for that Vinyasa class — and because it is an ad campaign, invest in a few Lululemon essentials that make you feel awesome in every pose. (To be honest, though, I rarely need a boost of inspo to break out the credit card for Lulu. It's a problem.)

Here are a few images featuring the campaign's stars putting their practice to work in their everyday life. Even if you're not a pro volleyball player or an incredible artist, there's motivation to be found.

Maddie Peterson

Courtesy of Lululemon

Surfing requires a huge amount of trust, so it's no wonder Peterson uses it to enhance how she feels when she's killing it at her sport.

CJ Hendry

Courtesy of Lululemon

When it comes to art, adult coloring books are more my speed, but any form of drawing can feel like a meditative experience.

Kerri Walsh Jennings

Courtesy of Lululemon

Working on self-discipline can improve whatever you do, even if you're not a pro volleyball player.