Get Ready For MAC's Basic Bitch Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty lovers, looks like you'll need to make room in your cosmetics collection soon for a brand new basic—literally. The MAC Basic Bitch palette is coming to a makeup mecca near you this year, and the nine shades prove that basic definitely does not equal boring.

MAC senior artist Netta Szekely posted a teaser of the palette on her Instagram account, and #sogood doesn't cover it. "All new #shades and #texture!!!," she wrote alongside a photo of the palette itself as well as what the hues look like in action. Spoiler: amazing, but no surprise there. MAC's signature bold, highly pigmented colors are in full force with this palette.

Just like the name of the palette, the shades themselves have cheeky monikers, too. There are eight eyeshadows, called—wait for it—Gameplayer, Text Me Later, Big White Lie, Ms. Personality, Me Me Me, Tattle-Tale, Shy Girl, and my personal favorite, Hell In Heels. There's also one larger pan of a pearly pink shade that looks like it'll make for an unbelievable highlighter.

While it's still in the testing stages, MAC tells us that we can expect the palette to drop this spring or summer. The sooner the better, considering how addictive this palette looks.