MAC's New Lipglass Formula Is Even More Moisturizing & It's Shinier Than Ever

They're here! MAC Lipglass was a hero product for the brand in the shiny-lipped '00s. While gloss has given way to the mega matte texture in recent years, it's not extinct! In fact, MAC is bringing the product back to the forefront. MAC Lipglass has been revamped, thanks to a packaging upgrade. But it's not just the packaging that has refreshed. There are new shades — 57 in total— and the formula has been updated, per a post on the officia MAC Instagram account.

When MAC and its artists first began teasing the Lipglass relaunch, it appeared that the double-wall, glass vial packaging and new colors would be the biggest changes. Bustle had reached out to MAC reps at the time to inquire if the Lipglass formula would be impacted but information was not yet available.

MAC Lip Glass, $17, Nordstrom

But it is now. Lip gloss and Lipglass devotees, you need not panic. The formula change is not drastic and if I didn't tell you, you might not even have noticed! It is an improvement and an increase in hydration.

I would know, because I have been a longtime lover and wearer of MAC Lipglass and I am rocking the new 'n' improved Dreamy Lipglass right now!

Bustle reached out to MAC for any further details on the formula.

UPDATE: MAC reps responded to our request for info, writing: "Our iconic formula is still the same! Oilshine Moisture Complex was added to help soften and condition the lips are you wear it."

There's the intel! The Lipglass formula has been boosted with something called "Oilshine Moisture Complex" and the result is softer, more conditioned lips while wearing extra slick and sexy gloss on your pucker. Who's complaining? Not me!

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

There are lots of Lipglass choices and mattes mixed with shimmers.

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

In the '00s, I easily carried at least five or, like, nine tubes of Lipglass in my bag. #SorryNotSorry

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

This is Dreamy and it's a pretty, nudish pink with tons and tons of sparkle.

The new-look Lipglasses cost $17 per tube. Grab one if you consider shiny lips a priority.