This Battery-Operated Coffee Machine Is Here To Save You From Going Anywhere Without Coffee

Makita Corp

If you're a person who lives in constant fear of the person you become when you don't perpetually have a cup of coffee at your immediate disposal, now you can finally live your life in peace. As reported by The Verge, Japanese company Makita has made a battery-operated, portable coffee machine that will survive all of your travels — be they Instagram-friendly romps to tropical islands or doing whatever it is Alicia Vikander has to get done in Tomb Raider (which, from the trailers, I assume will require a lot of caffeine to handle).

The machine, dubbed the CM501DZ (cute, right?), is entirely cordless, and operates on lithium ion batteries. The company notes that its intended audience is construction workers, who won't have reliable access to outlets or stationary kitchens to make coffee in the usual 9-to-5 work day manner. That being said, there is no rule against carrying this around the city as if it is your literal child, as one never truly knows when an emergency coffee scenario may arise (I, for instance, found myself doing math in my head on the subway this morning, which was ... taxing, to say the least).

The CM501DZ will make 5.3 cups of coffee per charge, according to Makita, which is just enough to share with ... well, maybe we keep this on the down low for now. Users will be able to brew coffee both from Makita coffee pods and from their favorite instant coffee blends. The other perk is that it only weighs 1.5 kilograms, or around 3.3 pounds. That's basically as easy as carting around two Chipotle burritos, if you are a person who doesn't play games at Chipotle.

Right now the CM501DZ retails for 11,900 yen, or about $112, which isn't that steep compared to fancier, less portable models. But truly, is money an object when it comes to caffeinating yourself?

And the amount we spend on coffee is no joke, my friends — while millennials were getting pitchforked for the amount we allegedly spend on avocado toast, it turns out generations across the board may be spending a tad more on coffee than intended. According to Statista, the U.S. spends about $13.6 billion on coffee per year alone; and truly, those $3 grab-and-go coffees at your local store can add up if you're grabbing one every morning.

That being said, you know best how to spend your own money — and you know best what is ultimately going to make you happier. If you depend on that morning cuppa to feel alive (or just, y'know, Instagram-ready), then there's no reason to shame yourself out of it. You can just cut back on something else financially to make room for it.

And really, there's a lot on the horizon to make room for, caffeine-wise. First off, there are rumors that Starbucks is about to release a Crystal Ball Frappuccino — which, according to the whispers on the internet, will supposedly be peach-flavored, and blue-and-white marble in appearance. And although that bit of gossip is unconfirmed, another bit of viral coffee news from the last week certainly is: Apothic Wines released a cold brew red wine, marrying two of the richest, most delicious flavors on this earth into one blend. Honestly, that's about as millennial as it gets (un-ironically Instagramming a Unicorn Frappuccino aside).

The bottom line is, no matter how you choose to consume your coffee — be it with a portable machine that was definitely meant for a construction worker, or with whatever the bring pink viral drink of the moment is — your caffeine habits are totally valid here on this great meme we call Earth.