This Mango Version Of Malibu Rum Just Combined All Your Favorite Summer Flavors In One Drink


I hear tell it is very nearly summer, and in celebration, it appears the summer cocktails and beers have been added to bar menus everywhere the sun touches. Summer is also a great time to stock up on cans and bottles of summer-themed booze you can sneak into outdoor parks and venues, and/or enjoy in your roof while you're pretending to work from home. Enter, then, Mango Malibu Rum, a(n even more) summery take on the popular coconut liqueur that I can only imagine pairs perfectly with orange juice and crushed ice. The modern age is magical, indeed.

Pretty 52 reported on the Mango Malibu Rum recently, deeming it "tropical heaven." Malibu describes the the new flavor as thus: "Mouth-watering mango and creamy coconut create a taste so fresh that the good times will be flowing before you know it." And according to Malibu's website, the rum mixes well with a number of juices and soft drinks, including pineapple juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale, and ginger beer.

Mango Malibu Rum isn't the only new flavor Malibu's hawking. Other incarnations include Malibu Lime, which the site says makes a mean daquiri; the 70-proof Malibu Black, which you can use in Caribbean sours and Hurricanes; and Malibu Pineapple, which pairs perfectly with orange juice, lemon-lime sodas, and (of course) in pina coladas. There's also Malibu Passion Fruit, which you can stick in coconut water, orange and pineapple juice, a fruit daquiri, or a fruit mojito; and Malibu Tropical Banana, which looks like it makes a stiff banana daquiri or Bushwhacker.

If you want something a little more, um, concealable, but equally summer-lush friendly, consider Malibu's pre-mixed sparkling drinks. The pineapple incarnation comes in a cute little can that you can drink straight, or pour into a pina colada/container that doesn't appear to be alcohol. There's also a fizzy pink lemonade flavor, and strawberry kiwi, which sounds delish.

Most importantly, it looks like there is now a Malibu beer, which Malibu describes as a golden lager with a hint of coconut. I'm not sure I'm sold on coconut beer, but I don't hate it, not that I'll even be able to try it soon —Malibu says it's only sold in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Miami, FL, San Diego, CA, Lansing, MI, and Ann Arbor, MI, right now, so if you're in one of those cities, check it out and tell me how it goes.

So that's the summer news from Malibu. Here are a few other summer-friendly beers and drinks ready for your beachside consumption:

Bud Light Orange
via Bud Light

Like Bud Light Lime, this orange-colored baby is a fruity twist on classic Bud Light beer. It's reportedly brewed with real orange peels, giving it a nice, refreshing, citrus-y kick. Bud Light says this little beer is only around for the summer, but considering how long Bud Light Lime has managed to dominate my bodega's beer fridge, I'll believe that when it's gone.

Captain Morgan's Watermelon Smash

Experience has taught me that super-sweet alcohol does not lend itself to a positive drinking experience, but if you can handle something that "basically taste[s] like a watermelon Jolly Rancher" without gastrointestinal consequences, read on. Captain Morgan's watermelon-flavored spirit reportedly works best as a shot or mixed in spritzer-esque drinks, and it looks pretty as heck to boot.

Virtue's Rosé Cider

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I will judge this rosé cider by its label design, because it is gosh darn gorgeous. It also boasts a 6.7 percent ABV, which is higher than most rosé ciders and gives it a bit more of a dry rosé-esque kick — plus it is extremely pretty, which means you will look good with it in photos even if you have achieved a respectable level of day drunk.