Manic Panic Wants You To Share Your Hair Dye Pics

Animal loving, rainbow-haired folks will love Manic Panic's new campaign, created in collaboration with Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary. Best known for their spectrum of bright hair dyes and quirky cosmetics, Manic Panic wants you to share your hair dye pics for a good cause.

For those unfamiliar with Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, they are a no-kill animal rescue, whose mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere. Pets Alive dedicates themselves to helping animals in need including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention, and education services. Not only do they help dogs and cats, but they also care for birds, farm animals, and carriage horses too. Their no-kill policy means they won't put down a healthy animal; unlike other establishments that do so when they run out of space. Euthanasia is reserved for terminally ill animals or those deemed hazardous to public safety.

Manic Panic's goal is to support the sanctuary, and is using the power of social media to do so. The brand is encouraging users to upload Instagram photos of themselves and their pets. For each photo shared and tagged, Manic Panic will donate $1 to Pets Alive. How awesome is that? You get to share an epic photo of you and your fur baby, while helping out a phenomenal cause.

From their array of four-legged friends — like their cat companions Mr. and Mrs. Kitty who welcomed customers at the original Manic Panic store — to holding special events that raised money for amazing animal causes, animals have always played a big part in the lives of the co-founders of Manic Panic.

It makes sense that Pets Alive has long since been an establishment close to the hearts of the Manic Panic founders.

"We’ve given loving homes to many critters in need of a home, like my one-eyed wonder dog, Keebler (RIP) who I adopted from Pets Alive," Snooky Bellomo, co-founder of Manic Panic tells Bustle. "We also ensure all of our hair color is cruelty free and vegan so no animals are harmed in its production. It is a natural choice to partner with a foundation that shares the same beliefs.”

"The well-being of all animals has been a passion of mine and Snooky's since we were little girls," says Tish Bellomo, co-founder of the brand. "We are truly honored to partner with Pets Alive and spread the word in such a fun way!"

To participate in the campaign, include the #ManicPanicPets hashtag and @manicpanicnyc tag for your post to count towards the campaign. The campaign is currently live and will be running until April 7.

Happy snapping radical animal lovers!

Images: dmgrl33 (1) /Instagram; Courtesy Manic Panic (1)