Manila Luzon's 'All Stars' 4 Exit Reaffirms This 'Drag Race' Conspiracy Theory


After entering RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars handcuffed together, BFFs Manila Luzon and Latrice Royale found themselves standing side by side once again...in the bottom. This time, they were forced to fight for the one remaining spot in the competition, and Latrice managed to cling to it with the little resurrection power that remained in her press-on claws. But honestly, after she soared above her competitors all season, Manila Luzon's All Stars 4 exit didn't really seem warranted. It was her first time in the bottom and Latrice's third, which reaffirms the theory that Latrice's return was Ru's plan all along — that she's back for a spot in the All Stars hall of fame, and it could very well already have her name etched beneath it.

Whether or not Latrice's potential win will be earned fairly, though, is debatable. Surely there are Latrice stans out there who disagree, but the obvious needs to be addressed. Had Naomi Smalls not taken a risk, finally snatched a hard-earned victory, and returned Latrice the favor for saving her last week, Latrice would've likely been sent packing for a second time. But that's the beauty of All Stars rules, and it makes you wonder what would've happened if Monét had won the lip-sync and received the decision-making power. Did the lipstick tucked within her padded bra read "Latrice Royale?"

Manila nearly sent Monét home during week four in an effort to save Latrice, so Monét may have not decided to show her sympathy. But she made it clear that her decision was difficult. "If you asked me a few weeks ago, b*tch, if Manila even breathed wrong I was like, 'Home! Bye!'" Monét told the cameras. "But now that she's up against someone who has not done a good job in the competition, it makes it a little harder to make a choice."

Regardless of the queens' personal relations and past beef, no one can deny the fact that Manila's track record was far more impressive than Latrice's: she walked away from the competition with three wins. But in the end, there were so many different factors that went into Naomi's final decision.

She made it clear from the beginning that Manila has always been a drag idol of hers — a legend that she has looked up to for years. If she didn't feel obligated to reciprocate Latrice's gesture, would she have sent her biggest inspiration home? On the flip side, Naomi could've hid behind that obligation. She could've taken advantage of it to get rid of someone who, yes, she loved, but was obviously her biggest competition.

There's no way of knowing exactly what motivated Naomi to send Manila home and keep Latrice, and she may provide a bigger explanation as the queens untuck next week. At this point, it's anyone's game, and no one can be mad about it, no matter how rigged it may seem. But one thing's for sure, there's a Ru-son there are no Ru-les in this competition.