Marc Jacobs Is Coming Out With 24-Hour Foundation & Fans Are Celebrating The Shade Range

If you're on the market for a long-lasting base that'll give you a flawless finish, Marc Jacobs is launching a 24-hour foundation that should be on your wish list. With a shade range that's a vast improvement from the brand's previous controversial foundation launch, the luxury company is introducing a pretty inclusive complexion perfecter.

There was a time when Marc Jacobs was under heavy fire from the beauty community during the Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation launch in 2015. A 22-shade range that featured dozens of shades of beige and only three bases suitable for women of color. It was practically the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation debacle of its time. But the brand isn't making that mistake again, releasing the Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Longwear Foundation that comes in 29 varying shades.

It seems Marc Jacobs Beauty doesn't have its meter stuck on beige this time, falling in line with recent all-inclusive launches like Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Foundation and Kylie Cosmetics' concealer. But it's not just the shade range that has beauty lovers super interested in the new product. It's what the formula promises that's causing a ton of chatter because a stay-all-day foundation has got to be a holy grail beauty buy.

So far, deets that are known make the foundation seem like a dream come true. From the sounds of it, every aspect of the formulation was very well-planned. Even the launch date of Feb 9 feels spot on (perhaps the 2/9 date is a salute to the incredible 29 shade range). Offering medium-coverage that is buildable to full-coverage, the new base, retailing for $49, is fit for a subtle beat or a glam that goes the distance.

It even features SPF 25, so it's a UV shield, too. Unlike many SPF-based products that tend to ash out the skin, this foundation promises to deliver invisible sun protection. You don't have to worry about it leaving a pesky white cast.

As far as the feel, Shameless is a hydrating foundation. Responding in the comments section of the foundation's debut post, the brand mentioned it was great for dry skin because "it contains snow mushroom, nature's dupe for hyaluronic acid". It all sounds super fancy-schmancy.

According to Marc Jacob Beauty's Instagram post on the soon-to-be released base, "each shade is able to flex to fit multiple skin tones and undertones". In other words, a single shade should be able to suit varying skin tones of makeup lovers with a similar complexion. With a foundation that can stretch beyond the standard 29 shades, you'd think it couldn't get any better than that.

But of all the specs, the fact that the foundation has a "self-setting" finish is what's most intriguing. No extra baking is needed with this baby because it has a built-in setting powder infused into its formula. If that's not the epitome of innovative, then there's no telling what is.

You've got to hand it to March Jacobs Beauty for conjuring up such a fabulous foundation line. The brand seems to be on an all new everything kick. There's a completely new formula, a new shade range, and even a new campaign star.

For the face of the Shameless foundation, the brand tapped Adwoa Aboah, model, activist, and founder of Gurls Talk, an online empowerment platform for women. With her freckles visible in campaign images and a glowy facade, it's obvious that Shameless can be as sheer as you'd like while still giving wearers a perf complexion.

As of now, Marc Jacobs is showing how you do a foundation launch right. Even if Marc Jacobs caused a stir with their bases before, Shameless is proof the brand has learned a valuable lesson: all-inclusive foundation ranges are always the way to go.