No, Mariah Carey Doesn't Need To Make A "Comeback"

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
By Mathew Jedeikin

In a new video from the Associated Press, the one and only Mariah Carey brought up her much-discussed New Year's Eve performance, claiming that she was "victimized and vilified" as a result. Carey also wondered aloud why she "has to make five million comebacks," noting that different rules seem to apply to her than to "everyone else."

Although I'm not exactly sure who Carey was referring to when she said "everyone else," one thing is for sure: Like other icons, Carey is in a league of her own and has had the career to prove it. She’s been in the music industry for almost 30 years now, she's sold over 200 million records, has had 18 number-one singles, and her voice is recognized across the world. Obviously, as with all musical artists, not every song will be a big hit, and not every performance can be a good performance. But in my opinion, Carey definitely isn’t in need of a comeback. Especially at the moment. I mean, sure, some have been critical of her foray into reality television, but Carey is a legend with millions of fans and timeless music. She’ll never not be an A-list music legend.

For some strange reason though, Carey can’t seem to stop talking about that NYE performance. "I didn't obsess over the New Year's Eve thing," she ironically told the Associated Press. The singer again blamed the show's production team for her audio problems and explained, "If my ears were in, maybe I could have heard music and the show could have gone on." (After the Dec. 31 performance, Carey's rep told Bustle, "There was a production issue. Technical difficulties. There unfortunately was nothing she could do to continue with the performance given the circumstances.")

Someone seriously needs to tell Carey to stop talking about the NYE performance. It was now more than a month ago, and honestly, most — if not, all — of us are over it. The public is quick to forget, and if Carey didn’t keep bringing the performance up, then no one would remember it after a while.

Check out the video of Carey claiming she was "victimized" below.

In the extended interview on AP, Carey also confirmed that she’s dating backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, but insisted that they wanted to keep their relationship private. "I just don't feel comfortable talking about my personal life," she said. "Me and my boyfriend don't want to do that."

It seems like Carey currently has a lot to focus on — a new relationship, a new single, and an upcoming tour. So let's all agree to move on from NYE, because again, Carey certainly isn't in need of any sort of "comeback."