Mark Hamill Has A Lot Of 'Last Jedi' Feelings

Gerardo Mora/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Luke Skywalker senses a disturbance in the Force, and that should make Star Wars fans even more excited. In an interview with ABC, Mark Hamill revealed he's concerned about Luke's Episode 8 story arc. In fact, according to his interview, he told Star Wars writer and director Rian Johnson, "I fundamentally disagree with virtually everything you've decided about my character." But that might actually be a good thing — which even the actor admits.

The star noted he had a similar reaction to the big Luke reveal at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He initially thought fans would respond negatively to his reveal, but as Digital Spy points out, Hamill admits to being happy he was wrong. Given how many reservations the actor has about Luke's arc this time around, fans could be in for something extra special.

In the trailer for The Last Jedi, fans were shocked to hear Luke suggest the Jedi should end. It seems Luke's time away and his nephew's turn to the dark side may have left the former Jedi trainee jaded. While he is seen training Rey in the trailer, it's hard not to wonder if Luke is embracing the dark side himself, or if his desire to end the Jedi line will actually harm the Resistance.

His attitude marks a definite departure from the Luke of the original trilogy, but that Luke was a young man who was gifted with an immense power and sense of purpose. To win the battle and then be forced to eventually see his own nephew become just like his grandfather had to have an impact on Luke. He may have had doubts about the power of the Jedi even before Kylo Ren's turn. There's a huge chunk of Luke's life fans didn't get to see, and it only makes sense for him to return changed.

It's impossible to judge Luke's arc without seeing The Last Jedi, so Hamill could ultimately be right about his iconic character's new journey. However, it is just as likely Luke's story will add a new sense of depth to a character that is best known as a boy hero. What happens after the hero's journey comes to an end? For Luke to have a happy, easy ride off into the galaxy's sunset wouldn't ring true.

The story of Luke and Rey is going to give The Last Jedi its weight, and unless something goes terribly awry, I suspect Hamill is going to be happy about being wrong a second time.