You Can Get Matching Knitwear For You & Your Dog, Because Twinning Is Always Winning


In a world of filled with all kinds of stresses and anxieties, it's important to take any joy the universe offers and basically run with it. Grab life by the proverbial and get your groove on. One of life's greatest pleasures, if you can afford/have time for it, is having sweet baby angel pets. Oh their little FACES. Anyhow, what could possibly make the joy of being a pet parent even greater? How about twinning? Well now you can get matching outfits for you and your dog and yes — this is not a drill.

Oh my my my. Yes, you can update your look by making sure you and your pup are not merely in sync with all your loving vibes, but also your fashun. Coming direct from the guys over at Studio, these matching jumpers come in three different colours so you have a bit of choice.

So, the jumpers for the little dogs come in sizes small, medium, and large, and the one for their hu-moms (I know, I know, but I couldn't help myself) in a size range from 8 to 26.

Check out the different options below.

1. Pink Leopard Print

OK let's start with the big guns, the powder pink leopard print because obviously. Imagine how eye catching this look would be down the park? The other dogs will be drooling (or should I say slobbering) and wishing their owner was as chic as you.

2. Neon Pink

OK, so maybe print ain't your thing. Maybe you feel like you want to stand out but in a less extra way? How about neon pink?! That's a tiny bit less extra right? As if. But it's just as divine.

So the dog's jumper is going to be the exact same too right? No guys, get this. You might need to be sitting before I tell you this but — y'all the dog's jumper is a hoodie. Stop the lights, shut the front door, and put a fork in me I'm done. A flipping dog hoodie.

3, Neon Yellow

You don't like pink? I hear you. Well, in that case, how about neon yellow? What? Yes, you heard me.

And you know the only person who might look slightly cuter in neon yellow than you? It's your angel baby pooch. Especially if it's a neon yellow hoodie.

Ugh, thank you universe. This is just what the doctor ordered. Fun, cute, and affordable. Question is, though, will people actually be down to match their little pals? Or, as the website says, to "take a woof on the wild side"?

Well, according to research: people vibe more with dogs than actual people. Yes, science is proving what we all already heavily suspected. When it comes to "me or the dog," people will choose the latter. Joel Gavriele-Gold, a psychoanalyst in Manhattan and the writer of your new favourite book, When Pets Come Between Partners, has a lot to say on the matter. Like seriously, he wrote a book on it. Anyhow, as he says:

"There are whole segments of the population that prefer being in the company of dogs than people, and I'm not sure that's such a negative thing."

I'm not sure what his opinions are on twinning but, guys, you know you would rather mooch with your pooch in matching garms than have to go socialise. OK, maybe that's just me.