You Can Get A Matching BFF Necklace With Your Dog


We've known since the dawn of the millennium that BFF necklaces are the sweetest declaration of love. While you may have shared one half of a heart with your childhood bestie, now you can have half of a bone when you share a BFF necklace with your dog. Because let's be real — a) Why wouldn't you?, and b) Dogs are the ultimate besties. Their bond is unwavering and they'll always hang out with you on a Friday night, no matter how many times Netflix asks if you're still watching.

While you totally can throw it back to the '90s and scoop up a break apart heart pendant, attaching one half of the heart to their collar and the other half to your keychain, there's a better way. Or, at least, a more specific symbol for your canine-human bond. Etsy vendor Slashpile Designs has designed the Dog-Human Best Friends Necklace, and it's going to be your new favorite piece of jewelry.

The set features a delicate sterling silver dog bone on an 18" chain for the human. The pup's part has a cute sterling silver pendant with a bone silhouette that dangles from their collar. Slashpile Designs description of the set explains, "The jump rings on the tag are soldered closed for extra security, so they won't open during playtime. Round dog collar tag is 3/4" in diameter and the bone pendant is about 1/2" wide." Now everyone at the dog park will know that you and your four-pawed pal are the perfect fit.

The Dog-Human Best Friends Necklace ships from Canada, with free shipping to the United States. It retails for $77.33 and is a handmade item that you can personalize further with an engraving. Getting your names engraved is a special way to personalize the gift from you to you and your pet. The special engraving will cost an extra $25 per side.

Reviews from humans and dogs are in. One human-dog BFF duo said, "my dog and I love it." Another review reads, "Even more beautiful than I thought it would be. Can't wait to give it to my BFF and her doggy BFF for Christmas!" And I'm sure they're still sporting the trendy necklace months after receiving this thoughtful gift. Slashpile Designs has 167 reviews and five stars so you know you'll be flashing this quality jewelry at your next dog park rendezvous.

Our furry besties should always be treated to the best. Whether that's the other half of a BFF necklace or any above average product that dog owners swear by. And if you know a dog mom who is her pup's number one fan, there are plenty of t-shirts and swag that will perfectly compliment the sentiment of her new necklace. There's always a special way to treat the BFF in your life.

Having a BFF is the best. Especially when they're a dog. You can lounge on the couch for as long as you want without judgement, share a multitude of snacks and take long walks in silence that isn't awkward. Why not always wear your love for each other around your collar and collar bone when you now can with this perfect Dog-Human Best Friend Necklace?