Penguin Matt Is This 'Bach' Season's Dolphin-Shark

ABC/Paul Hebert

When thinking back to last season of The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios and her cheese pasta stand out in fans' memories. And sure, Vanessa Grimaldi ultimately won Nick Viall's heart. But, in my opinion, no contestant quite stood out like Alexis Waters, who proudly wore a "dolphin" costume (which was later revealed to be a shark). However, it looks like Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season may have a contestant who blows Alexis' outfit out of the water. Bachelorette's Matt wears a penguin costume when meeting Rachel — and it looks pretty impressive.

Not only does the ensemble have a beak and giant blue eyes attached, but there's even a big red bowtie. So, it's not just a penguin — but a formal penguin. Sure seems like he's all dressed up trying to impress this Bachelorette. While it remains to be seen whether he'll actually win Rachel's affections, I'm calling it now that Matt may become a fan-favorite regardless. Like I said, the penguin outfit has a beak and a bowtie.

And if you're not charmed just yet, there are even a few sneak peek photos from the first episode. For instance, see below for a snapshot of Rachel throwing food into his mouth. You know, almost like she's attempting to feed him, like how you might feed a penguin at the zoo. I'm definitely intrigued, to say the least.

ABC/Paul Hebert

Look at that mid-air snack. Will he catch it? To be honest, I'm dying to know.

Here's a look at his grand entrance. Even his pose seems to suggest he knows how great his outfit is. Plus, we all get a solid glimpse at his giant yellow feet.

ABC/Paul Hebert

And here they are, hugging it out. Looks like a solid start to me:

ABC/Paul Hebert

As for why he chose this outfit, maybe it has to do with the fact that Rachel once donned a penguin onesie. Coincidence? Ehh, I'm not so sure.

I don't know about you guys, but I'll be adding Penguin Matt to the top of my Bachelorette bracket. If he's even half as entertaining as Alexis with her dolphin-shark costume, he'll be this season's true star. Here's hoping he's able to waddle his way into Rachel's heart.