This Eyebrow Gel Won't Come Off Even If You Dump Water All Over Your Face

Things just got real. A drugstore favorite brand just dropped something that's actually "swimming on the first date approved," if that's actually a real thing. A game-changer for anyone on the market for bolder, smudge-proof arches, Maybelline's new Tattoo Studio Brow Gel lasts for days.

When the masterminds behind Maybelline create new products, they really commit. The brand recently teamed up with Gigi Hadid for a makeup collection, brought inclusivity to the industry through a collab with MakeupShayla, and extended its concealer range with WOC-friendly shades. If that's not the epitome of cooking up pure greatness in the beauty labs, then what is?

Now, the band has created a holy grail waterproof makeup product that's likely going to fly off of shelves, thanks to a demo video getting hella hits. Maybelline's claim that the Tattoo Studio Brow Gel lasts for two days — yes, two whole days — is already enough to drop several jaws and raise a few eyebrows. But the fact that there's physical evidence of the brow builder staying put is what's really going to convince beauty lovers it's worth every penny.

If a brow gel that lasts for 48 hours straight sounds totally mythical, let the video speak for itself.

Beauty blogger Alexis Jayda took to YouTube to post a full demo and review of Maybelline's brow gel. From the all caps "IT WORKS!!!" featured in the video title, it's obvious that the beauty guru is a fan of the product. But it's an absolute must that you tune in for the moment that really sums up how well Maybelline's new gem works.

The moment of truth comes when Alexis Jayda takes a water bottle to her face to see if the brow gel is actually waterproof. No matter how much H20 covers her facade or how hard she wipes, her freshly coated brows do. not. budge. This, my friends, is what it looks like when a brand engages in sorcery and creates magic in a tube.

Maybelline Tattoo Studio Waterproof Eyebrow Gel, $9.99, Ulta Beauty

Available via Amazon, Maybelline's website, Ulta Beauty, and grocery stores, this miracle worker is the ultimate brow product. It features a sculpting tip and eyebrow spoolie that work together to craft the perfect arches. But Alexis Jayda proves you don't have to just sweep it across your brow hairs as the product instructions suggest. Feel free to break out your favorite angled brow tool to thicken your shape with soft, hair-like strokes because it can function like a pomade, too.

The gel comes in "blonde", "soft brown", "medium brown" and "deep brown" shades so there's something to suit all bold brow lovers. Considering it's formula is fade-resistant, you'll definitely need a waterproof makeup remover on standby when you're finally ready to wipe it away.

But it's highly unlikely that you'll want to take the Studio Brow Gel off. Considering it's supposed to last for a couple of days, gosh darn it, that's just what you should let it do. After all, filling in brows is a science and not having to re-do your shape on the daily will save you precious time in your beauty routine. Thanks, Maybelline for coming in clutch and understanding that keeping one's brow game strong can be quite the struggle.

If Maybelline keeps it up, the brand will be raking in every beauty lovers' pay check. Maybelline just won't stop creating one swoon-worthy product after another.

A long-lasting brow gel has got to be the pinnacle of the brand's beauty career, because it just can't get any more convenient than that. Now, if only two-day lippies, eyeliner, and foundation could make their way onto the beauty market...