The Most Iconic Suit From 'The Politician' Premiere Was From ASOS

Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix's The Politician is a shiny, luxe look at privilege, politics, and high school. Like most shows set in wealthy educational settings (here's looking at you Gossip Girl), luxury fashion makes up the majority of the characters' wardrobes. McAfee's pink ASOS suit in the first episode of The Politician was an exception.

According to Fashionista, not every piece from the Ryan Murphy-created series requires you to take out a small loan — though Gwyneth Paltrow's Georgina Hobart and her Gucci and Carolina Herrera might have you think otherwise. Characters like Paltrow's as well as her television son, Ben Platt's Payton, revel in luxury. While actor Laura Dreyfuss' McAfee is meant to be equally as financially stable, stylists Claire Parkison and Lou Eyrich gave the high school pollster a mix of affordable and high-end pieces (who could miss those Comme des Garçons sneakers?). One of them just happens to be the first thing viewers ever seen her in — a pink power suit from ASOS.

In the premiere episode of the series, viewers first glimpse McAfee sitting in a crowded school auditorium wearing a slightly oversized coral co-ord set with a pink shirt underneath. Given the rest of the cast's looks and reporting on the high-end designers that are featured on the Netflix show, you may understandably assume McAfee's power suit would make your student loans blush. Clearly, that's not the case.

Courtesy of Netflix

While McAfee's suit is not currently for sale on the ASOS site, there are several other pastel co-ord options to choose from. After all, who doesn't need a Push Pop-colored power suit? Similar styles on the ASOS website retail between $134 for a tailored, neon blue suit and around $300 for a full-on sequin pant and blazer combination.

Turns out, however, that the coral suit from the series' first episode may not be the only co-ord pieces McAfee wears that you could afford to add in your own The Politician-inspired wardrobe. The look is McAfee's staple, like a high school version of Taylor Swift in the "Me!" video crossed with Hillary Clinton. According to Worn On TV, McAfee wears not one but two ASOS suits and even a few pieces from Zara.

Courtesy of Netflix

If you want to get the same suited-up, brightly-hued power look McAfee wears in The Politician, you're in luck. There are some great alternatives out there that will be just as affordable as what Parkinson and Eyrich chose for the character.

1. Bright Blue & Tailored

McAfee's looks are bold and bright — just like her. Sure, these may be power suits, but they're playful. Color is key. This tailored neon blue look from ASOS is a perfect example of something the high schooler would wear, and at under $150, it's a deal.

2. Animal Print

Want power? Wear animal print. Not only are an array of leopard, zebra, and cheetah patterns on trend, but add in this bold hue, and you've got a suit that will make you sartorially roar.

3. Mustard Yellow Co-Ords

While the colors McAfee wears in the show skew toward pastels and neons, in the real world, fall is here. Wearing a neon green suit is never a bad idea, but if you want something that's more timely, this mustard yellow co-ord set from Zara is an ideal hue for the season and under $100 for both pieces.

4. Suited Shorts

McAfee's first few suits in the series may feature pants, but the character does eventually venture into a shorts set during the first season of The Politician. It's just as strong as the pants-based looks, so it's perfect for if you're in a warmer climate or want to style the set with tights.

5. Checkered

For those who have marathon-watched all of The Politician, you know that McAfee's suits focus more on color than pattern. However, the character does switch her suited style up with checkered looks. While this black and white set from Express isn't the same pink hue as the character's own, it's still a great example of how to get McAfee's style.

Grab your best pair of sneakers, cop one of these suits, and get into your power just like McAfee.

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