McCormick Just Launched A "Birthday Cake" Spice You Can Sprinkle On Anything

McCormick, remixed by Bustle

When you think of adding some spice, you probably think of making things a little hotter — a little chile pepper or maybe paprika. But there's a whole new world of spices awaiting you. Or maybe I should say sugar and spices, because this new glorious combo coming your way is definitely on the sweeter side of life. The new McCormick Sugar and Spice blends are pre-mixed bottles of deliciousness ready to take your sweet treats to another level. You probably are familiar with the brand's savory spices, but if you have a sweet tooth then it's time to strap in.

These little lovelies were spotted by @CandyHunting on Instagram and they look pretty epic. "Sugar and spice and everything BIRTHDAY CAKE!" the post explains. "McCormick has five new sugar and spice blends, which include Birthday Cake, Blueberry Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla Cinnamon, and Lemon Ginger. Found them at Meijer in with the spices."

So keep your eye out next time you're in the spice section of your favorite supermarket, because you might find something a little sweeter. Not only do the bottles look packed full of some pretty amazing blends, they also come with serving suggestions (as though you're not just going to pour them directly into your mouth).

You can see the bottle that the Birthday Cake option suggests using it on cookies, milkshakes, and cupcakes — while the Blueberry Vanilla flavor goes well with waffles, sugar cookies, and smoothies. Of course, these are only suggestions — the world is your oyster. And I love the idea that someone would look at milkshake and all of its sweetness and just think, "MORE."

Of course, McCormick isn't the first brand to want to take your desserts to a higher, better, sweeter place. Let us not forget that this was the year of Hershey's Caramel Whipped Cream, a truly inspired choice, as well as the Dessert Toppers, which are basically just tiny versions of your favorite candies made specifically to put on top of ice cream. Why have dessert when you can have more, sweeter dessert?

Although perhaps one of the most exciting dessert innovations of this year hasn't yet touched on U.S. soil. The UK was blessed with the glory that is Biscoff Topping Sauce — you know those fancy biscuits that you get with coffee sometimes? You can already buy it in spread form, but they went one step further to turn it into a sauce, ready to upgrade any dessert. Unfortunately, you'll have to head across the Atlantic to get your hands on it. Is it worth it? I'm not telling you to quit your job and buy a long-haul flight for the sake of some sauce. But I'm also not... not telling you to do it.

If you've got a super sweet tooth, chances are good that you're always looking for ways to add new dimensions to your desserts. The McCormick Sugar and Spice blends look like an easy way to change your at-home baking and dessert game (especially the birthday cake flavor, ye gods), so keep your eye out next time your shopping and you can stock those cupboards with sugar and spice and everything nice.