McDonalds' Matchmaker McFlurry Is Back, But For A Very Limited Time Only

by Aoife Hanna
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Love it or hate it, tis nearly the season to be merry. And any foodies out there know that this is the time of year to get eating delicious limited edition treats. And lots of them because, guys, Christmas comes but once a year. With festive menus running amuck it's no surprise that stalwart of the high street, service station, and airport McDonalds is getting in on the action. And the new Matchmaker McFlurry at McDonalds is about to be the chocolatey, ice creamy, candy caney dessert of your dreams.

The Mirror reports that the delightful pudding is made up of the brand's famous ice cream which is then swirled in the magic McFlurry machine. Swirled with scrumptious Mint Matchmaker pieces and a magnificent mint chocolate sauce. And whether you're absolutely desperate for a big portion or only looking for a palate cleanser — the guys are there for you. Because you can get it in either regular or mini size. The regular sized one is a very manageable £1.39 and the mini one is an incredible reasonable 99p. Which is more than fine for a little sweet snack when you're out and about. Even when it's on the chillier side.

The limited edition ice cream is only available from Nov. 20 to New Years Day so I reckon it's time to get your (ice) skates on. And considering that according to The Mirror the ice cream hasn't been in store since 2013 — this is one hotly anticipated product.


For those not in the know, Matchmakers are delicious chocolate mint sticks that are ideal for a sweet treat with a breath freshening edge. From the world of Quality Street, they've long been a festive favourite and there are no time rules about eating them (cough, After Eight).

Delicious Quality Street treats were in the papers for a different reason this week. Square Meal reported this week that Poppies, the famous London chippy, will be selling deep fried Quality Street this Christmas time.

Now depending on where your feelings lie regarding deep fried chocolate products this could be an "I'll take ten" situation or a "hard pass" type of deal. I stand firmly in the latter camp.

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