Tickets For McFly's Comeback Gig Go On Sale *So* Soon


It's been fairly up and down (mostly down) in terms of UK news lately. However, in times of strife, chaos, sadness, and misery, the arts often come through with the jollies to get us all through it. Music being a main one. Especially music that illicits teenage-esque screams and hysteria. AKA boybands. Take it back to your tweenage years when all you and your pals seemed to do was scream "oh my goooood" every five seconds because, guys, we have news. McFly are back, and they're making new music.

Gird your loins, batten down the hatches, and get all your McFly merch out from the attic. It's about to be lit beyond belief. Yes, their voices may have broken but, guys, their fanbase absolutely hasn't. Said fanbase may need to sit down before I share the details on all of this musical madness.

So, according to the BBC, the boys are back together for a show in the O2 Arena in London on Nov. 20 2019. Which is huge enough news in itself. But, on top of that, the BBC are also reporting that the McFly boys intend to release one new song per week in the run up to the gig. Did you hear that?

One. Song. Per. Week.

OMG WTF WHAT? Check your calendar, nope this isn't an April fools.

The lads, whose sixth album is absolutely on the way, recently spoke to BBC's Newsbeat about their brief jaunt as McBusted, which was the hybrid of McFly and Busted. Sadly minus Charlie, whose eyebrows and deep voice stole the hearts of the nation back in the early noughties. However, all of their McBusted commitments meant an album was shelved way back when in 2011. And Tom Fletcher of McFly said they now wanted to share the tunes from the album, titled The Lost Tracks.

Fletcher explained:

"The band is all we know — there was a huge void for three years, McBusted was born and it was way bigger than we anticipated so we shelved the McFly album. We put all of our energy in to it and it was lost in the abyss of our hard drives. Before we get to the next part in the McFly journey, those songs need to be heard."

The sad thing is that the boys seemingly got a bit lost in the new super group and lost each other along the way. Ugh, grab a dang hanky, this is too sad. This is like The Beatles all over again, man. OK, maybe not that bad.

Harry Judd, McFly's drummer, explained to Newsbeat what went on in terms of the boy's relationship:

"It's not been the same the past few years, but we still got on well. We'd got together as a four, but as soon as we talked about the band, the conversation fell apart — there were obviously issues and obstacles."

So what brought on the big change? According to Judd, their management team basically lit a spark under them. Yep, they made an executive decision to book the O2 and let the boys know after. And the guys agreed.

Tickets for the gig go on sale from 9 a.m. on Friday Sept 13. Their album release date is TBC. This is all too much. I need to lie down.