Meghan Is Reportedly Writing A Kid's Book About This Adorably Unexpected Thing

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Guest editing high-profile magazines, designing clothing lines for charity, and carrying on with day-to-day duties would be enough work for any person, but the Duchess of Sussex takes it all in her stride. So much so that she is reportedly adding another string to her bow. According to The Times, Meghan Markle is writing a children's book and it's going to include some furry friends.

The Duchess is considering writing a fictional tale involving her pet dogs, reports the paper. Before moving to the UK, Meghan had two rescue dogs: a beagle named Guy and a Labrador-shepherd mix called Bogart. Guy has become a firm fixture in royal life, even travelling in a car with the Queen, notes Harper's Bazaar. But, due to his age, Bogart sadly had to remain in Canada and was taken in by "very good friends" of Meghan, reports Vanity Fair.

In October 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan welcomed a new rescue dog into their family, per Cosmopolitan. At first, people thought the latest canine addition was a Labrador called Oz, but, during a Sussex trip, the couple said that no one had ever seen their dog and people "keep getting her name wrong."

But The Sun claims that Harry and Meghan aren't done with just two dogs. Apparently, the royal couple want a third pooch for their son, Archie, to grow up with and were touring rescue centres near their Windsor home to find the perfect pal. "Rescue dogs are a huge passion for [Meghan] so the pull to adopt rather than buy a puppy is far stronger," a source told the paper.

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Putting the royal dogs front and centre in a book makes sense, especially because Meghan is the patron of animal welfare charity Mayhew. In fact, for the charity's annual review, the Duchess penned a foreword on the joys of adopting a pet. "As a proud rescue dog owner, I know from personal experience the joy that adopting an animal into your home can bring," she wrote, adding: "The choice to adopt a pet is a big decision that comes with much responsibility but infinite return on investment. It will undoubtedly change your life."

According to The Sun, any profits from Meghan's upcoming book are likely to be donated to charity. A source told the paper that "the plans are in the very early stages and won't be formally announced for some time. But [Meghan's] very excited about the possibility and is passionate about the idea of a work of fiction for children.

“She loves animals and her rescue dogs so it’s very likely they will be incorporated into the story. Any book will absolutely not be some sort of tell-all about her life in the royal family.”

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Meghan's first brush with the book world came in September 2018 when she put together a cookbook in conjunction with Grenfell's Hubb Community Kitchen. But she won't be the first royal to move into the fiction space.

Prince Charles published a children's book in 1980, reports the Telegraph, about the adventures of an old man who lived a remote life by Scotland's Loch of Lochnagar. He also co-authored a more recent book on climate change. Then there's Sarah Ferguson aka the Duchess of York and her children's book series. Budgie the Little Helicopter was turned into an animated TV series in the '90s, per the Guardian.

If rumours of Meghan's book are indeed true, the Hollywood treatment could well be coming her way too.