Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton Have Kick-Started A VERY Bold New Trend

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Every year, a colour will take over the fashion industry, encouraging everyone to rush out and buy all manner of things in this new coveted shade. Last year, it was millennial pink. And now, it's yellow. Others have gone with Gen Z yellow as the official title but I'm betting on royal yellow fashion being the next big thing. That's because it's partly down to Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton that yellow fashion is so popular.

It all started earlier this month. Markle — a royal who had so far been seen in nothing but neutral pink shades — stepped out in a bright yellow dress. Attending a reception alongside Prince Harry, Markle's Brandon Maxwell dress suggested that she was unapologetically confident and happy making a bold stylish statement.

A week or so later, Kate Middleton stepped out in a remarkably similar style. The royal hit up Wimbledon in a Dolce & Gabbana dress in exactly the same happiness-inducing shade. Yellow is a colour the Duchess of Cambridge has worn several times in the past including a very subtle shade to Meghan and Harry's wedding. (Note that Amal Clooney also chose head-to-toe yellow for the royal wedding of the year, because Amal always knows what's up.)

I'm coining the royals' newfound sunny shade of yellow "royal yellow." It's not Gen Z yellow; the popping shade which has taken over the industry thanks to its connotations with all things youth. And it's not quite as in your face as neon yellow but not quite as dark as a mustard hue. It's specific, like I said.

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As well as allowing you to stand out in a crowd, it's a shade that conjures up feelings of optimism. One that puts a smile on anyone's face. It's odd because yellow is the last colour I (and many other women, I'm sure) would choose to wear. This is normally because a lot of us have been told that yellow will wash you out and make you look ill when, in actual fact, this royal yellow hue can do quite the opposite.

I'm still a little hesitant to go for a full yellow look but the royals have inspired a tiny portion of confidence in me. If you're still scared of the summer hue, try an accessory to start off with. And if you're not, opt for a full on co-ord.

The high street is full of blazing yellow options so make like a royal and add some sunny looks to your wardrobe pronto.

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Fashion is all about pushing the limits. You may not be comfortable at first with your new colour scheme but give it a try and I guarantee yellow might just shoot to the top of your wish list.