Prince Harry Did Something Unexpected This Xmas, But It’s Actually Royal Tradition

by Sophie McEvoy
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Y'know what day doesn't get the attention it truly deserves? Boxing Day. I don't know what it is about Dec. 26, but there's something magical about spending time with family that you didn't get a chance to see on the big day, the allure of a second Christmas feast, and copious amounts of prosecco. And while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Boxing Day reportedly did involve the annual Boxing Day shoot, as per tradition, it looks like they ended up spending part of the day like the rest of the nation does — shoes off, feet up, with a plate of food in hand.

After spending Christmas Day attending a morning service at St Mary Magdalene Church and enjoying a traditional Christmas lunch back at Sandringham, Boxing Day for the royals traditionally involves a game shoot, reports the Daily Mail. The location of the shoot is reportedly Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate, a five-bedroom farmhouse where Prince Philip is spending his retirement.

It had originally been reported by the Mirror that Prince Harry wouldn't be attending the traditional shoot as Meghan Markle was opposed to bloodsports, though these were queried at the time, with a source telling the Telegraph that "this is completely untrue." It has now been reported by both the Daily Mail and The Sun, that Harry did indeed join his father, brother, and uncle for the traditional festive shoot.

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"The men went out as usual for the shoot after a hearty breakfast," a source told the Daily Mail. "A buffet is laid out of kedgeree, bacon and eggs, cereals and toast to set them up for the day. It's cold trudging across the muddy fields so you need plenty of sustenance."

The Queen, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton reportedly did not join the princes on the shoot, and instead opted to stay at Sandringham Estate and Amner Hall respectively. The family then met with each other at Wood Farm for a Boxing Day buffet, which reportedly included "cold meats, hot sausages, soup and salads, with spirits and tea to warm up the shooters."

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"There is a special de-robing room on the side of the house and they all go in there and take off their muddy clothes and boots," another source told the Daily Mail. "Then they go into a side room which is specifically designed for shooting parties where they toddle around in their socks helping themselves to lunch."

After that delish buffet, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, and Jack Brooksbank then reportedly returned to their shoot while The Queen (now joined by Prince Philip), Middleton, Markle, and Princess Eugenie, made their way back to the Estate for some traditional afternoon tea.

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And as is with many big families at this time of the year, the Duke and Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex reportedly left the estate early to spend time with their respective families.

Aside from the traditional shoot, it's heartwarming to see that family means a hell of a lot to the royals. Speaking as someone who comes from a very tight-knit family, Christmas is always a highlight of the year as it's one of the rare times that we can all be together in the same place, have a laugh, and appreciate each other. That's what Christmas is all about.