Meghan Markle's "Audrey Brows" Are The Eyebrow Trend You Didn't Even Know You Needed

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Meghan Markle is quite a stylish beauty, from her skin tone to her freckles to her warm, inviting eyes to her room-illuminating smile. The Meghan Markle Effect is real, as outfits she wears to various royal engagements sell out after she's photographed in them. One of Meghan Markle's beauty secrets is the "Audrey Brow" treatment she gets in the UK. It's the eyebrow trend you didn't even know you needed, but totally want.

The good news is that you can copy the look without having to pull out your passport to embark on Transatlantic travel.

Here's the official intel: Markle's brows are shaped and styled to emulate those of beauty icon Audrey Hepburn. The brows are minus an arch, but have a long, beautiful, and carefully shaped fade out, which lifts the eyes.

Markle's brow stylist Sherrille Riley of Nails and Brow salon in London told PEOPLE that Markle get this specific, $65 treatment. It's incredibly flattering since "it's a really natural style and it really compliments her features — she's a beautiful woman."

The treatment consists of four rather simple steps: maintenance, tinting, threading, and tweezing. Riley confirmed that she uses a tint with a hint of black, since it "gives a really soft natural look" and accentuates "her features in the most natural way."

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Here's an up close and personal look at Markle's brows. They are Old Hollywood AF — lush and full with that seamless lift. They frame her chocolate-colored eyes perfectly.

Riley has been grooming Markle's eyebrows since the summer of 2016, which is when she met and began dating her now-fiance Prince Harry. Apparently, the Los Angeles-born and raised actor booked an appointment at the salon based on a recommendation from a royal.

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If you don't have a trip to the UK on your itinerary this year, you can still replicate Markle's Hepburn-inspired brows easily. Start by growing out your natural brows and allow them to become full. Shape them straight and make sure the tail ends are lifted upwards — it's best to leave this part to a professional if you are nervous about overdoing it. Fill in any gaps or sparse area along the brow with a pencil. And BOOM! You. Are. Done. Yes, it really is that easy.

Nails and Brows posted this image of the salon on its Instagram. It's such a crisp and clean atmosphere. Its "Audrey Brow" treatment and subsequent press coverage may lead to an uptick in customers.

The boutique also posted further details about "The Audrey Brow" and explained why it works.

Markle's brows remained a hot topic of discussion even while the rest of the world was gawking at her engagement ring, which was designed by Prince Harry and featured diamonds sourced from the jewelry collection of his mother, the late, great Princess Diana.

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The royal engagement photos also show another vantage point regarding Markle's well-groomed brows. Expect "The Audrey Brow" to be one of the top beauty trends of 2018.

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Brows for days!

In case you need a refresher, check out the classic, extra thick and full Hepburn brow.

Hepburn as a princess is breathtaking. This strut and those brows certainly feel like a harbinger of things to come, like when Markle walks down the aisle on May 19 to wed Prince Harry.