Melissa McCarthy Riding Sean Spicer's Podium Through NYC Will Be Your New Favorite Reaction GIF

Stop everything, because I've found that thing you've been searching for without even realizing it: Melissa McCarthy riding Sean Spicer's podium through New York City, and your reaction GIF collection will officially never be the same. Now, when you want to exemplify the feeling of leaving work early on a Friday, or being ghosted by a romantic interest, or saying "boy, bye" to a situation you have no interest in, you can just substitute a GIF of McCarthy as the White House Press Secretary, zooming angrily through the city on a podium, and all your meaning — and more — will come through effortlessly.

But before you start firing this glorious gem off to all of your friends, some backstory. She's had us living for her spot-on Sean Spicer impression all season, but McCarthy is actually hosting Saturday Night Live on May 13, so it was practically guaranteed that the show was going to take things to the next level. And in this case, "the next level" is apparently cruising through rush hour traffic on a motorized podium in midtown Manhattan. Bless you, Melissa McCarthy, bless you. The exact location was apparently down 58th Street, in front of the CNN building, according to BuzzFeed, and multiple fans captured footage of the hilarious comedian blazing through traffic, yelling at cars to get out of her way. As you do when you're "Spicer" atop a jerry-rigged podium on wheels. This is all perfectly standard.

So, now that you understand what we're working with, let's put these clips to the test, to make sure they're as perfectly suited to be reaction GIFs as I think they are. So, when your boss says, "Hey, I know it's a long weekend, but can I keep you for a couple extra minutes to go over these forms?"

That one definitely checks out. Or when you're in the queue to buy tickets to see your favorite artist in concert, and it isn't going fast enough?

Mhmmm. Now what about when you and someone else both swipe right on each other on Tinder, and you're excitedly waiting for the first message... only to have it say, "SHOW BOOBS PLS."

Mmmmm nope, sorry, gotta get back to the White House, excuse me!

See? These all work great, and this is before the McCarthy-hosted episode of SNL even airs on Saturday. Imagine the embarrassment of reaction GIF riches we'll probably have once the actual footage runs. You'll never have to leave a conversation without getting the last word ever again, because your friend had a really good point and then zoom, there went Spicey away on his podium go-kart! Argument officially won.