Memes & Jokes About Beyonce & JAY-Z’s OTR II Tour Show How Worried Everyone Is About Getting Those Tix

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Hold up — the rumors were true. On Monday, Beyoncé and JAY-Z's On the Run II Tour was announced, and it's coming to 21 cities across North America. On Twitter, fans are already panicking about getting tickets, especially since the pre-sale starts on March 14. The Beyhive had plenty of jokes about their plans to secure a seat, no matter the cost. And if the past is any indication, the stadiums will sell-out in record time. It's not everyday that fans can catch these two musical icons on stage together, and people are prepared to fight for their seats.

The original On the Run Tour was in 2013, and Bey and Jay were both promoting major releases, Magna Carta Holy Grail and Beyoncé. In the years since, both have had even bigger musical success. JAY-Z just finished the tour for his most recent album 4:44, and Bey released and toured for her 2016 masterpiece Lemonade. These two albums were both nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys, and further solidified their status as musical royalty. It's not clear if the OTR II Tour means new music is in the works for either artist, but fans aren't too concerned. Instead, people took to social media to share their best jokes and memes about locking down tickets the tour.

Here's what fans are saying about JAY-Z and Beyoncé's return to the stage:

These Fans Are Excited To See Bey — But Stressed About Their Bank Accounts

Filmmaker Matthew Cherry basically said what we're all thinking about those pre-sale ticket prices. Honestly, has that Jennifer Garner meme ever been more relatable?

This fan was not too happy about the timing of the pre-sale, which begins on March 14. The open ticket sale for the public begins on March 19, but it's still bad timing for everyone trying to get a good seat.

A few fans were ready to make some sacrifices for those tix.

Even if it meant major finance readjustments.

Another Twitter user was already stressed about getting pre-sale tickets in time. Even if you have the money it's no guarantee when Beyoncé tickets are on the line!

This fan was excited about seeing Beyoncé again, but also suspected a conspiracy was afoot.

RIP to all the Beyhive's wallets.

These Fans Only Have Eyes For Beyoncé

While some fans were excited to see the couple on stage, others are not too pleased about JAY-Z tagging along. This fan is holding out for a certain solo tour, even if that might be a long wait.

This member of the Beyhive's wig was about to fly off before they got the whole story.

There were more than a few fans who weren't afraid to share who they would be buying their tickets to see, and which songs they would enjoy.

Here's another Bey fan just being honest.

There Was Plenty of Excitement For Both Artists, Though

Music writer Brittany Spanos thanked Bey for the early birthday present, and the tour is truly a gift for us all.

Lots of fans have been waiting for this moment — and now that it's happening it's just a matter of finding tickets.

Bey and JAY-Z are putting their parenting first, world-touring second. Anyone who has seen Blue Ivy's recent appearances alongside her mom at the Grammys and the NBA All-Star game knows that Bey puts her kid first and, like all great moms, packs plenty of snacks.

If fans were wondering if the tickets were worth the cost, this Twitter user had something to say about the lasting benefits of seeing Queen B live.

Fans are already preparing for the ticket pre-sale, which begins on Wednesday. These tickets go quick, and fans have to be ready at just the right moment.

Beyoncé never goes too long without a shocking announcement for fans, and this year it's that she's performing in major cities across North America. Sure, it might be a bit difficult to secure a ticket from the pre-sale, but it's clear from the reactions on Twitter that fans are going to do everything they can to try and get a seat. The concerts are a gift, but for everyone who doesn't get a ticket, let's hope some new music is one the way, as well.