Mented Cosmetics Just Launched Nude Lipsticks For WOC

by Summer Arlexis

From Lancome's extended shade range to KoVoca's focus on medium to deep skin tones, the beauty industry is seeing major improvement in the foundation department. When it comes to the perfect pout however, Mented Cosmetics is the standout brand designing incredible nude lipsticks for women of color.

Identify your undertone and compliment your complexion, they say. It's easy, they say. And yet, finding the perfect nude lipstick feels nearly impossible. That holy grail shade usually seems mythical, especially for women with deeper skin tones who often find their beauty options are scarce. Aiming to create a collection that extended beauty inclusivity to women of color, Mented Cosmetics founders KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson found a solution to a lipstick dilemma that plagued them throughout their twenties. Their brainchild Mented— short for pigmented— now boasts a capsule lip collection of six hues that combine pink, brown, and red tones in the most glorious melanin-friendly combinations.

There's truly an option for every brown beauty, making the Mented shade range a dream come true. If this WOC friendly makeup sounds too good to be true, just check out all of the dreaminess for yourself.

Available on Mented Cosmetics' website for $16.50 a tube or $89 for the entire collection, each lippie is pure magic for brown beauties. With bold, moisturizing pigment, they'll be sure to enhance your pout in all the right ways. Even the shade names— “Pretty in Pink,” “Nude La La,” “Dope Taupe,” “Foxy Brown,” “Mented #5” and “Dark Night"— are absolutely swoon worthy.

Each beautiful hue will definitely catch your attention, but it's the message behind Mented that's worthy of several Z snaps.

"At Mented we believe that every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty, and as a company we are striving to make that notion a reality," Miller and Johnson tell Bustle. " Beauty standards are too often limited to one archetype, leaving many of us out in the process. With Mented, women of all hues will be heard and celebrated."

With an amazing product and an empowering message to match, there's not much more you could ask of a beauty company.

Encouraging consumers to join their nude revolution, Miller and Johnson created Mented as a community-driven brand. Their website features a "Your Story" portal, where you can see uploads of their lippies on a range of women of color who absolutely slay the nude look. Purchase a few colors for yourself, get dolled up in your true nude and don't be surprised if Mented shows you off too. 

"You matter. You are beautiful. You deserve to be prioritized," Miller and Johnson declare, and it's impossible to disagree with that.