Marjani Beauty Company Caters Exclusively To WOC

by Summer Arlexis

Although progress is always being made, the beauty industry could always stand to be more inclusive when it comes to its makeup and skin care offerings. Here to be part of that change is Marjani Beauty Company, an e-commerce site designed for women of color featuring a diverse range of brands, products, and beauty tips.

Finding a foundation shade that actually matches your complexion or skin care that fits your needs perfectly is a struggle for anyone. But for women of color, "struggle" isn't even the word. Many black owned beauty brands have had our backs from the start, creating products that totally get cosmetics aren't a one size fits all kind of deal. Even brands with women of color friendly shade ranges like Black Up and Lancome deserve some praise for their diverse lines.

Marjani Beauty Company is in a special lane of its own, serving up a curated selection of hair, makeup, and skin care that spread the ultimate black girl magic. It's a one-stop shop that empowers and celebrates the diversity of women of color, it's the beauty destination we always needed.

Some of the most melanin-friendly brands are included in MBC's beauty repertoire. There's AJ Crimson, who's range of products have made a ton of noise recently for their appeal to ethnic women. UK-based brand Joilette is definitely one to check out, offering luxe Caribbean inspired hair and skin care. And there's plenty more brown babe approved selections worth trying where those came from.

The MBC even has brown girls covered with their recently launched Buy It & Try It Foundation Match Program, a solution to your color matching woes. When you purchase a product included in the program, you'll receive a free matching sample that allows you test the foundation before committing to a shade. If it isn't a winner, the MBC accepts returns of the unopened, full size product for a full refund. Easy peasy and so damn clutch for women who can never find their match-made-in-heaven base.

If you ever thought beauty box subscriptions designed for women of color. were a big deal, then the Marjani Beauty Company is the bees knees. Not only are their virtual shelves loaded with cosmetics that fill a gap in the beauty community, but they prove there are companies passionate about enhancing a woman of color's beauty. As traditional beauty standards continue to be redefined, these are the cosmetics companies we need more of. Check out the site ASAP.