Mercury Retrograde 2018 Physical Symptoms That Every Sign Will Be Affected By

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When Mercury is in retrograde from Mar. 22 to Apr. 15, 2018, don't be surprised if it feels like the world has been flip-turned upside down, and like nothing is working like it should — including you. Additionally, this retrograde being in Aries ensures that you'll definitely feel some Mercury retrograde physical symptoms, no matter what your sign is.

Many people typically experience a number of communication errors during Mercury retrogrades, both within conversations they have and even just technology malfunctions. Some people might have trouble expressing themselves or understanding others, because Mercury is the ruling planet of communication; in a way, it'll feel like we're all trying to talk to each other on a phone with bad service. This will undoubtedly increase feelings of frustration, which will then lead to more communication errors. Vicious circle, you know? To survive, it's crucial we all stay positive during these times, and don't stress to much.

In the external world, mechanisms and faculties are disrupted by retrograde — likely because we're the ones operating them! From travel to technology, the physical effects of Mercury's retrograde are unfortunately very present. Truly, if there's any truth you can rely on from Mar. 22 to Apr. 15, it's that things are going to malfunction, and there will be setbacks.

Here are the biggest physical effects to look out for, because anticipating them can help you to better prepare yourself to deal with them.

Confrontations With The Past


Mercury retrograde quite literally means the planet will appear to be moving backwards to us Earthlings (it won't really be — it'll just be moving faster than Earth), so it has a tendency to cause many people to confront their past. Expect to hear from people you haven't heard from in a while, expect to be confronted with things that you didn't properly deal with in the past, and expect these things to become distractions from the present.

Broken Plans


People's schedules aren't going to be terribly reliable during this time, so every time you make plans, take it with a grain of salt. There's a good possibility that it will be cancelled or that you won't be able to make it. Try to be extra communicative so that broken plans don't snowball into larger issues.

Travel Detours & Delays


Travel plans go notoriously rogue during Mercury's retrograde, because they require so many people and systems to work together perfectly in tandem. Expect delays and cancellations, and come up with backup plans. If you are traveling, arrive at your departure station earlier than usual and pack your carry-on with everything important in case you are separated from your luggage.

Technological Failures


Expect your phone to freeze, your computer to totally bug out, your Bluetooth devices to become undiscoverable — technology issues are always front and center during Mercury retrograde. If you expect it, though, you might be more prepared to deal with it. Control what you can!

System Failures


Your professional life remaining on a balanced and smooth course requires a lot of factors to remain balanced and smooth too. During retrograde, this isn't always possible, so you shouldn't expect business to run as usual. Expect friction with your co-workers, important meetings to be pushed, presentations to run awkwardly, and pitches to fall flat. Save all of your important business deals until after retrograde, if you can.



There will be traffic because no one is thinking properly, so leave extra time to travel by car — especially when you have an important place to be.

Professional Setbacks


No matter how hard you might work to be independent, your output nearly always relies on someone else's input. So even if you're totally qualified for that promotion, and your boss basically told you that you're going to get it, it might not happen during Mercury's retrograde. Be patient, don't stop giving it your best effort, and trust that you'll get what you deserve once the planets are moving in their rightful directions.

Financial Stress


Money problems will come to the forefront during this Mercury retrograde. Do not make big purchases, do not move, and do not begin business partnerships that involve money during this time. Just wait it out if you can — it's less than a month. Once money is gone you can't get it back, so don't risk it.

Stressful Arguments


Everyone in your life will be having a hard time expressing themselves and being heard. This reality will surely lead to some serious miscommunications between you and the people you love. Try to be patient and understanding, and remember that Mercury is making things extra hard for you.

Post Office Issues


Mail, like travel and business, involves a lot of moving parts. Because we're all having trouble communicating, there will likely be issues with the postal service. If you need something delivered on a certain day, have a back up plan if you don't get it. Always get tracking numbers and package insurance, and make sure you leave a note for your mail person if you can to avoid failed drop-off attempts.

Mental Clarity


During this retrograde, you are going to be swimming in brain fog for three weeks. There are certain things you can do to supplement your mental clarity, like going to bed extra early, trying vitamin supplements with your doctors' permission, and practicing meditation. While it might be hard to muster the energy to get things done, you can psych yourself up by engaging in energy-increasing practices.