4 Predictions For How Mercury Retrograde Will Mess With Cancer Zodiac Signs’ Plans This Month

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Mercury officially went into retrograde motion on July 7, 2019 at 7:15 p.m. ET in the sign of Leo — and it's going to stay there until July 31, 2019. But I didn't need to tell you that, right? Because your phone has already started to glitch, or that file you know you saved is gone, or your flight was cancelled due to unknown circumstances and nothing seems to be going as planned — or something like that. How Mercury's retrograde effects us varies by sign. If you're a Cancer, you'll want to be aware of some Mercury retrograde summer 2019 Cancer predictions, as on July 19, Mercury will slide back into the sign of Cancer and meet up with the Sun in Cancer on July 21 for some pretty intense feels.

What's more, the moon’s nodes (which represents our past and future energies) will also be hanging out in Cancer (north node) and Capricorn (south node). According to astrologer Linda Furiate speaking with Bustle, "with all the watery energy it may make for some soggy and emotional moments for many of us," but particularly Cancers, on account of this uber-crabby retrograde event.

If you're a Cancer, there are certain things that Furiate can predict that you'll experience both emotionally and spiritually, on account of your alignment. Here's what you can expect to go through during the remainder of the Mercurial planet's retrograde if you're a crab, or relate to the traits of zodiac's crab sign.

You're Going To Feel Nostalgic


Furiate warns that the sign of Cancer may feel the power of this universal energy more than most — but don't worry, that doesn't mean it's going to be a disastrous. It just means you'll need to listen to you heart and take extra good care of yourself. "Cancer can expect to feel even more family or nostalgic oriented with a stronger desire to protect those they love," Furiate tells Bustle. So, if you want to get in touch with old friends or take a trip down memory lane, go for it — it will actually serve you in a progressive way.

You're Going To Want To Hide In Your Shell


Typical Cancer likes to hide in their shells when things get hard, so Mercury's retrograde won't be any different. Furiate tells Bustle that "if Cancer feels less secure with life’s challenges, this may be a time when Cancer will act in fear or wish to hide from the reality of their circumstances." If you feel the need to crawl into your couch and practice self care, you should. Forcing yourself to go out when you're not feeling social doesn't do anyone any favors.

You'll Want To Call Home


"Family and family ties to the past may impact a current desire to establish or re-establish a parental bond," Furiate tells Bustle. Aka, you're going to want to call home or have a heart to heart with your parents during this time. If you've fallen out of touch, this is a great opportunity to heal and if you speak regularly this is a great opportunity to remind your parents how much you care about them. Furiate also suggests that tiffs and superficial strains with your parents should be let go of during this time in order for you to build a more solid future.

You'll Want To Chill Out


If you have an itch to hit the beach or take a solo trip somewhere relaxing, Furiate tells Bustle you should book it. "This Mercury retrograde cycle can be an excellent time for Cancer set aside non-pressing responsibilities to enjoy a quiet escape to a white sandy beach, a nearby lake or retreat to the family pool." If your body is telling you to take a break, how is the time to listen to it. Things haven't been easy for you this month, so balance it out with some fun time.