These Mermaid Jeans Really Sparkle

Courtesy of Kohl's

Unicorn makeup, unicorn hair, and mermaid makeup brushes can take a seat. Actually, these beauty trends can take several. Mermaid fashion is happening and I don't mean skirts with scales that are meant to mimic a mermaid tail. Mermaid jeans actually exist now and they are super easy to get. Really!

Sarah Hyland is this season's Candie's for Kohl's spokesmodel. The latest collection features a pair of sequined jeans that sparkles. In the campaign ad for the bottoms, the Modern Family star is quoted as saying, "Jeans are a wardrobe staple but you need at least one statement pair."

Juniors' Candie's Sequin Skinny Jeans, $32, Kohls

She's not wrong, you know. Her statement jeans come in the form of a skinny, sequined pair in a light wash and with a cuffed hem that is the showpiece of the new Candie's x Kohl's collection. They are only $32, too.

Hyland officially christens them "mermaid jeans" in an interview with Racked.

"I call them 'mermaid jeans' because the iridescent sequins kind of look like a mermaid's tail," Hyland told the publication. "They’'re a lot of fun and an amazing statement piece. You can just pair them with a plain T-shirt and you're set."

Yes, procuring mermaid jeans and effectively incorporating them into your wardrobe really is that easy.

These jeans look adorbs on Hyland with her roomy, cold shoulder top.

Here's a better look at the shape and silhouette of the mermaid jeans. They are the ultimate in glamsual. They are a bit dressier than regular jeans, but you can still wear them while out and about with friends or for date night.

This is what they look like from the back — simple. It's all a matter of how and what you style these bottoms with. Since they have such a "POW!" texture, you want to keep the rest of your look simple, like with a monochromatic top and shoes in subtle fabrics that don't compete with the mermaid jeans.

Here's another of Hyland's outfits for the new season. It's such a cute retro frock. So, who's going to rock mermaid jeans this summer and fall? Why not, right?