Meryl Streep's Barack & Michelle Obama Purse Is Everything

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As if you needed another reason to worship Meryl Streep, now you've got one. The actress stepped out of her trailer on the set on The Papers in New York City on Monday, July 10 with an unassuming hat and flip flops, and a very assuming handbag. Catching eyes immediately, Meryl Streep's Barack and Michelle Obama purse is the one thing pretty much everyone's wardrobe is missing.

The handbag features a photograph of the former president and first lady placed in front of what appears to be the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. According to E! Online, the back of the purse also shows Michelle smiling and leaning her head against her hand.

I love the fact that Streep continues to show her support for the former administration, both in her speeches and in her accessories. (Maybe next she'll wear her Presidential Medal of Freedom.) Because Barack and Michelle are more than just the former POTUS and FLOTUS.

Since his first campaign kicked off in 2007, their entire family has represented hope. And that's something that can feel in short supply these days. If a handbag is a way for Streep to celebrate and remember what the Obamas stand for, I'm all for it.

Streep's handbag is both fabulously kitschy and wonderfully powerful, and by carrying it, she proves to the world yet again that nothing about her is overrated.

I just have one question: Where can I purchase this amazing item? While I've had no luck tracking down the exact handbag, these three totes send pretty much the same message.

1. Michelle and Barack Obama Bucket Bag

Michelle and Barack Obama Bucket Bag, $78, Cafe Press

This ~traditional~ tote has all of the elements of a classic mom bag, in the coolest way.

2. King And Queen Tote

Barack and Michelle Obama Tote, $16, Redbubble

The image on this tote tells you pretty much everything you need to know.

3. Barack Michelle Malia Sasha And Bo Tote

Barack Michelle Malia Sasha And Bo Tote, $20, Tees Magz

*& Meryl. What a group of people, huh?