Mike Fleiss Teases More 'Bachelor' Announcements & The Internet Has Seriously Had Enough

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After literal days worth of attention-baiting teases from the show's creator, ABC announced on Thursday that Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the next Bachelor, leaving the internet half angry, half excited, and 100 percent confused. But apparently the franchise is a glutton for punishment, because Mike Fleiss is teasing more Bachelor announcements on Twitter, and people could not be more over it. "We aren't done with the shocking announcements.... #TheBachelor," Fleiss wrote on Thursday night.

While The Bachelor has certainly built a reputation for ramping up drama that really isn't all that dramatic, the last few months have already felt excessive, even by Bachelor Nation's standards. Bachelor In Paradise appeared to treat allegations of sexual misconduct as entertainment, by creating cliffhangers and drawing out the situation across multiple episodes. (For the record, investigations found no evidence of wrongdoing on set.) Then, the season somehow made a storyline out of Christen Whitney finding out her Paradise nickname is "scallop fingers."

After all of that, Fleiss flooded Twitter with a barrage of tweets hinting who the next Bachelor would be and when it would be announced... only his tweets lasted for about a week, and by that time, people were anxious, frustrated, and exhausted. Viewers already commit three-plus hours of their time to this show per week, and for multiple seasons per year. The least that producers could do is leave them alone off-air.

So, when Fleiss returned to Twitter after finally revealing the news he'd been dragging on, Twitter was understandably fed up. Seriously, what is left to announce? How much more shocking could the news be?

Some People Were Outright Done

The Bachelor really needs to rethink its definition of "shocking."

Especially With Fleiss

This fan would like Fleiss to be excluded from The Bachelor narrative.

Others Hoped He Was Joking

No thank you.

This Person Resorted To Begging

Please, make it stop.

Some Flat Out Stopped Caring

Bachelor Nation can only take so much in one week.

Others Were Still Salty

By Fleiss' own admission, Wells and Peter were both among the men in the running for Arie's spot.

This Fan Started Theorizing

Would they harken back to The Bachelorette Season 11, when they grossly pitted Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson against each other? Let's hope not.

This One Looked Ahead

We're not quite there yet. (But fans sure are rooting for Kristina to be the next Bachelorette, even if it's early.)

And This Person Was Hoping He Had Made A Mistake

It wouldn't be "shocking," but it would be a first.

There Were Several Eye Rolls

Deep sigh.

But Mostly, There Were A Lot of Snarky GIFs

Sometimes the best responses don't even warrant words.

Like, So Many GIFs

A+ work, Twitter. Keep it up.

Knowing Fleiss, this will mark yet another week of extended hinting. So settle in, Bachelor fans, it's gonna be a long season.