Will There Be A 2018 Bachelor? Mike Fleiss’ Tweets Haven’t Left Us With Many Options

ABC/Paul Hebert

Another day, another cryptic tweet from Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss. For the past week, Fleiss has teased fans about who next season's lead will be. But at this rate, will there even be a 2018 Bachelor? The choices are looking seriously slim. Bustle reached out to ABC and Warner Bros., who declined to comment on whether a 2018 season is actually happening. Yet just a day after Fleiss knocked Dean Unglert out of the running, he announced on Wednesday that Peter Kraus "probably" won't be the next Bachelor. Key word: probably. And this news comes after Fleiss tweeted it won't be Nick Viall, or any Nick for that matter. (Sorry, Santa Claus.)

So, if you take the Nicks, Peter, and Dean out of the running, who's left? Well, Fleiss already teased it won't be someone from JoJo Fletcher's season, which also eliminates Wells Adams from the contenders. Based on the process of elimination, it's possible Eric Bigger from Rachel Lindsay's season or Ben Z. from Kaitlyn Bristowe's season could lead the series, or it's also possible that the franchise is deciding to take a breather to focus solely on the upcoming Bachelor Winter Games, set to air in February of next year, instead.

There's also one more option (that already has fans' support, by the way). The network could be skipping Bachelor and jumping ahead to another Bachelorette season. People are already rooting for Kristina Schulman to lead the show.

By now, all fans truly want is an answer, and despite a few false alarms, it's unclear if Fleiss will actually reveal anything legitimate any time soon. But there is one thing for certain — Bachelor Nation is getting fed up with all the clues and apparent dead ends.

So, if Fleiss really wants to give the people what they want, he'll just reveal the 2018 Bachelor already — if there even is one.