Miley Cyrus Took A Selfie With A 'Lizzie McGuire Movie' Favorite

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nostalgia isn't just for non-famous people, celebrities have been known to come down with a serious case of feelings when confronted with something awesome from their past too. Case in point: as reported by Buzzfeed, Miley Cyrus took a selfie with Lizzie McGuire star Yani Gellman. Miley and her sister Noah appear to have run into The Lizzie McGuire Movie's Paolo while they were at a restaurant, and they have clearly forgiven him for his lip-syncing ways, because their photo is all smiles. While both Miley and Gellman were Disney kids, Miley didn't appear on Lizzie McGuire, which can only mean one thing — she and her sister are total fans.

This theory is supported by Noah's caption on the Instagram photo featuring her, Miley, and Gellman. Noah wrote, "Sing to me Paolo." It's a clear reference to the movie where dreamy pop star Paolo meets and falls for Lizzie in Rome. Of course, Paolo ends up being a liar, but that doesn't make the character any less memorable — especially if you grew up watching the Disney classic on repeat.

What makes the photo even sweeter is how clear it is that Gellman is just as excited to meet the Cyrus sisters as they are to meet him. He retweeted the pictures that Noah shared with a perfect caption. In a nod to the movie's most beloved song, Gellman tweeted, "This is what dreams are made of." Are you swooning? Because it's totally OK to swoon over seeing the worlds of Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana collide.

The only thing that could have made this crossover better would have been an appearance by Lizzie herself, Hilary Duff. However, the Cyrus sisters were more than happy to step into the role. Not only did they pose with Gellman, they also gave an impromptu performance of "What Dreams Are Made Of" on Noah's Instagram Story. Yes, this is real life.

Even though Duff hasn't commented on her former co-star hanging out with the Cyrus sisters, it seems safe to say she would be happy to know they enjoyed the movie. In a 2015 interview with PrideSource, Duff expressed her admiration for the way that Miley forged her own path post-childhood stardom. Duff told the site,

"I look at someone like Miley, and as crazy as people might think the whole thing is, I commend her. She's so wholeheartedly being herself and is unapologetic about that and she's doing a great job. As much as people wanna hate on her for wearing this or doing that or whatever it is people hate on her for, I think she gets the last laugh. At the end of the day, her talent backs it all up. I don't always relate to everything that she's doing, but I love that she's unapologetically herself."

It's nice to know that Lizzie and Hannah clearly have some serious mutual appreciation going on. Sorry, Paolo, but this is what dreams are made of.

Disney kids should treasure this magical moment. It's not often that you get confirmation that one of your favorite celebrities loved the same show as you did growing up, but it seems clear that The Lizzie McGuire Movie holds a special place in Miley and Noah's hearts. While the world may never know if they were as devastated to discover that Paolo was lip-syncing his way through stardom as everyone else was, there is now definitive proof that they know the words to "What Dreams Are Made Of."

This is one nostalgia moment that deserves all the love, because not only did it unite two beloved Disney franchises, it also revealed Miley's status as a Lizzie McGuire fan in the most endearing way possible.