Hilary Still Loves 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie'

by Michelle McGahan

Hilary Duff dropped her first album in seven years this week (it's called Breathe In. Breathe Out and you need to download it immediately), but the singer-actress quoting the pinnacle of The Lizzie McGuire Movie at a fan meet and greet is really what dreams are made of. It's true: The pop star can go ahead and release all of the Ed Sheeran-penned songs she wants and come out with gems like "All About You" (a national treasure that should be appreciated as such), but when Hilary Duff quotes Lizzie McGuire, good luck finding your chill because it does not exist. And when she literally pops out with "Sing to me Paolo" (COMPLETE WITH ITALIAN ACCENT LIKE HER MOVIE ALTER EGO ISABELLA) at a fan's request, that's when you know that your may leave your childhood, but it will never leave you.

Of course, this magic moment (which you can check out in the video below) is not the only Lizzie mention that Hilary Duff has brought us in the past few months. In fact, the former teen queen has done everything from reunite with her Lizzie McGuire castmates (YAASS) to choose between Ethan and Gordo (double YAASS). And lucky for you, I've compiled them all below. Enjoy!

She Reunited With Her Lizzie Co-Stars


Her "Chasing the Sun" Music Video Was Basically a Grown-Up Version Of Lizzie McGuire

Try to tell me otherwise, but I will be forever convinced that Hilary Duff's ditzy persona in her "Chasing the Sun" music video is an adult version of Lizzie McGuire, who is now all grown-up and working in an office — just as adorably clumsy as ever.

She Let Us In On Some Backstage Secrets...

Like how the kids in the cast spoke Pig Latin to each other so adults couldn't overhear their ~private~ conversations. "We actually [spoke gibberish] on the set of Lizzie McGuire all the time," she told radio station Q100. "Because we were like, always talking about what we were doing on weekends and not wanting them to hear what we were saying, so we’d speak gibberish."

...And Quoted Her Own Song In Reference to a Reunion

"I would be totally open to it," the "All About You" singer said about a possible Lizzie reunion in the future (um, this was obviously before the whole Instagram happiness above happened). My schedule is a little busy right now. But um … why not?" Yeah, she just went there.

She Revealed She's #TeamGordo (Kinda)

When asked to choose between Lizzie's main love interests (um, that would be the brainless-but-golden-haired Ethan Craft or longtime buddy ol' pal Gordo), Duff revealed she basically has as hard of a time making a decision as her character did.

"Lizzie always chooses the right way. Personally? Ethan!" she told the Huffington Post. "No, no, I’m just kidding. I always choose the good guy. The naughty side of me wants to be like, 'The hot guy,' but then I always choose the good guy." So... she's Team Good Guy Gordo. Got it.

Lizzie McGuire's Clumsiness Made Hilary Duff A Better Person

Well, at least a better actress. (See: Her "Chasing the Sun" music video. I totally called it.)"Honestly, working on that show, I got so strong with my physical comedy and all the things that they would throw at me," Duff told Huff Post. "I got covered in goo every week, and I got, like, smashed in the face with a locker every single week. And all this, I mean it was a really, really fun show. And obviously people really loved her."

And She Missed Miranda In The Lizzie McGuire Movie

The Lizzie McGuire Movie was essentially perfection, minus the complete and total lack of Miranda Sanchez. "You know what, I don’t really know [why Miranda wasn't in the movie], but she was definitely missed," Duff revealed to Huffington Post. (Lalaine claims she was busy with Radio Disney tours and filming the DCOM You Wish! at the time.) Plus, Miranda was obviously on vacation in Mexico, and her "parents were probably making me get more in touch with my Mexican roots," Lalaine joked.

Clearly, the only way to rectify this is to create The Lizzie McGuire Movie 2 WITH THE WHOLE CAST INCLUDING MIRANDA. Problem: solved. You're welcome, world.

Images: sirjakethomas/Instagram; Giphy