These Tattoo Stamps Are So Witchy & Creepy Beauty Lovers Need Them ASAP

It may not be anywhere near Halloween, but that doesn't mean you can't embrace your inner witch. Whether The Craft or AHS: Coven is your inspiration, Milk Makeup's moon and 'x' tattoo stamps will give you the look perfect for conjuring your next ideal makeup product. With a color as black as night and cooler than Halloween's chilly weather, these stamps are the ideal way to add a subtle and unexpected touch to your every day makeup.

According to the Milk Makeup Instagram account, the two new temporary tattoo stamps didn't just pop out of thin air. They're actually the result of fans' demand for more of the temporary body art products. The brand debuted the temporary inking product on Monday with a moon and "x" stamp aka the perfect symbols if your goal is to look as much like the modern Sabring The Teenage Witch. So, if you're sick of shiny unicorn themes and sparkly mermaid moments, these witchy new symbols could be the next trend that you need to take part in.

Of course, the new symbols aren't alone. Milk actually has a plethora of other temporary tattoo stamps if you're not feeling particularly witchy one day. After all, you can't possibly be putting hexes on the patriarchy all the time. The product also has peace signs, stars, hearts, smiley faces, and a yin and yang symbol. Basically, if you want tiny body art or to check out what a small tattoo would look like on you, Milk Makeup has you covered.

Of course, getting witchy and adding body art to yourself aren't the only great things about this product. They're also super affordable buys. The temporary tattoo stamps ring in at just $12 per stamp on the Milk Makeup and Sephora websites. No matter if you want an accent under your eye or to give yourself a heart shaped beauty mark a la Cindy Crawford, you can do it on a budget thanks to Milk.

As for whether or not the stamp is cruelty-free? There's good news on that front, too. The product is, in fact, cruelty-free, but that's not all. It's vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, and talc-free. Plus, while the temporary symbols are easy to remove (just use an oil-based remover when you're ready), they won't budge. These beauties are transfer-proof and long lasting.

If you're thinking that the name Milk Makeup sounds familiar, it's probably because they're often cited as one of the first brands to create highlighters in holographic colors like violet and pink. Their Holographic Sticks are some of the trendiest products on the market given the world's seeming obsession with glowing skin. With millennial pink, violet, and golden hues, the Highlighter Sticks take your glow game to the next level, and considering that highlighting seems to be a never ending trend (thankfully), if you haven't tested Milk's Holographic Stick, you probably should.

That's part of the beauty of Milk Makeup. You can embrace your inner witch with the Tattoo Stamp or latch on to an alien spaceship thank to the Holographic Stick. Hey, you could be an intergalactic witch. After all, Milk Makeup's mantra is, "Multi-Use, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Good For You, No Rules." And an intergalactic witch is probably going to break a few rules.

Whether you want to test out having a tiny tattoo, embrace your inner witch, or just add a cute detail to your makeup look for the day, the versatility of the Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamp will certainly help you do it. Plus, at only $12 per stamp, why not try more than one. Now, you've just got some shopping to do.