11 Beauty Brands That Are Going To Slay 2017

by Kim Carpluk

If you're over the trends beauty talking points of yesteryear, this list will have you covered. It's all about celebrating the lesser-known beauty blessings of the world: These 11 makeup brands will be huge in 2017, and yes, you heard it here first.

Of course, if you religiously read every beauty blog and hungrily hang on every word of each YouTuber's product breakdown, you may have heard of a few of these. However, you also might be a little exhausted seeing the same 15 brand names repeat over and over from review to review. It can be quite tiresome to see the same contour kit and single pan illuminator on every Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed. However, there's much to behold in the glamorous unknown, and luckily, the world of makeup is massive with much left for us to explore. And for those who aren't heavy into the beauty scene, well, allow this article to be your low-key incredible introduction.

From deliciously glistening eyeshadows to creamy, unexpected matte lip colors, these eleven brands are slaying the game. Grab your selfie light and your credit card and get ready: These brands are crushing it and it's going to be fun to watch.

1. Natasha Denona

There is simply no eyeshadow like a Natasha Denona eyeshadow. You barely need to tap the shadow with your finger, and soft, metallic pigments coat your skin with enough product for a full, luxurious application.

International makeup artist Natasha Denona initially developed her products after seeing a gap in the industry. As a makeup artist herself, she was seriously frustrated with the way industry products photographed on camera. Foundations looked heavy and far too matte. Shadows looked flat and one note. So she created her own products. Bloggers everywhere (including myself) have sworn by her line. Her primers, foundations, and illuminators are simply beautiful, but her shadows are the true stars of the line. Light playfully dances across them in both real life and on camera. Her long-awaited star palette contains "Chroma-crystals," crushed diamond pearls, instead of regular glitter for an extra-dazzling finish. Luckily, these palettes will soon be coming to a Sephora near you.

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2. Bite

Bite is certainly not new to the game, but it seems like they're only now starting to get the awesome recognition they deserve. Bite was founded by Suzanne Langmuir, who was inspired by kitchen chemistry and found a way to create a lipstick with ingredients so pure, you could literally eat them. Imagine how much lipstick you eat in a lifetime. Would you rather consume chemicals, or products that you can basically find in your kitchen?

Each Bite lipstick is handmade at the Bite Beauty factory in Toronto, Canada. If you're ever feeling extra creative, you can visit the Bite Lip Lab in New York City and even create your own custom, one-of-a-kind lipstick color. Don't forget to check out their super hydrating and reparative Agave line and Gold Crème Lip Gloss as well! All of Bite's products can be purchased here.

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3. Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup certainly knows how to make items that will trend. From their Cooling Water, to their Holographic Stick, and now their highly coveted Blur Stick, Milk's products are amazing. The line was inspired by Milk Studios, a creative space with central hubs in both New York City and Los Angeles. As they say, "at Milk Makeup, there are no rules." If you want to unleash your inner "It Girl," you can nab all their products here.

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4. Lemonhead

Founded by Megan Dugan in 2016, Lemonhead has already been featured in Allure, Cosmopolitan, Revelist and InStyle. Even celebrities, like Bella Thorne, have proclaimed themselves as fans. Lemonhead's thick glitter pastes are made by a makeup artist for makeup artists. 90 percent of the packaging and ingredients are sourced locally in Los Angeles, and the products are 100 percent vegan and cruelty free. They can be used on the body, in the hair, and on the face. You can pick up any of their glitter pomades, or have them concoct a personal mix just for you, at their website.

5. Cozzette

This artistry makeup line was founded by inspirational makeup artist, Roque Cozzette. The Cozzette brushes, favorites of renowned makeup artists Miss. Fame and Lottie Stannard, are to die for. They're vegan, non-shedding, and completely affordable (they range from 11 to 30 dollars). The Cozzette shadows are unbelievably pigmented and cost a modest 11 dollars each. The shade range is enough to drive any color-lover crazy. Even NikkiTutorials swears by them.

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6. Bésame Cosmetics

Gabriela Hernandez founded Bésame Cosmetics in 2004, but only now is the mainstream online beauty community truly discovering just how amazing her products are. Hernandez, who was long fascinated with her grandmother's beauty routine, longed to create a line of vintage-inspired, long-wear products that brought back the romance and beauty of the daily morning makeup ritual.

Buzzfeed's LadyLike and dozens of other YouTubers have utilized and praised these classily packaged items. Even Lady Gaga's makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, frequently used their lipsticks to create the look for The Countess during Gaga's feature on American Horror Story: Hotel. Each and every product from Bésame Cosmetics feels just as beautiful as it looks.

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7. Necromancy Cosmetica

Get ready to rock "The Craft" realness with this gloomy and and gothic line. Necromancy Cosmetica's vegan and cruelty-free lipsticks are all handcrafted by two-person team, Des and Zal. With product names like Grave Digger, Spell Caster, and Deadly Nightshade, one can't help but be bewitched. If you love Kat Von D's line for her dark sense of humor and bold color choices, you're sure to become a member of the Necromancy cult as well! You can pick up their beautiful lipsticks, like their standout pure gold shade, Ancient Queen, here.

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8. Lonely Planet Cosmetics

Lonely Planet's matte and metallic liquid lippies have been popping up all over Instagram as of late. Lonely Planet's goal is to provide rock and roll-inspired cosmetics for beauty lovers all over the planet, and they are certainly delivering on that front. The metallic finishes on Nolita, Heart of Glass, and Rosette are absolutely breath-taking. At 15 dollars each, they're definitely worth the price.

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9. Star Crushed Minerals

If you are a glitter-addicted goddess, meet your new best friend: Star Crushed Minerals. This California-based brand is beloved by Instagram artists and YouTubers alike. They offer every type, size, shape, and color of glitter imaginable, as well as awesome fluorescent and metallic pigments. And the star-shaped packaging for their star glitter is too cute to resist! At eight dollars per glitter, there's no reason why you shouldn't own a whole rainbow's worth.

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10. Sugarpill

Sugarpill is the supreme ruler of Rainbow Brite, Lisa Frank, larger-than-life color and drama. Founded by pint-sized, technicolor punk princess, Amy Doan, Sugarpill helps each artist to express every single thought and emotion they could ever possibly feel. Their intensely pigmented, neon eyeshadow hues are truly the best in the business. Their colored, crystal, and graphic lashes are unlike any offered by others brand. They support numerous drag queens and abstract, avant garde MUA's. Though Sugarpill's brand has been around since 2003, they're finally becoming the household cosmetic name they deserve. Pick up some products and support this truly awesome line here.

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11. Melt Cosmetics

Badass brand Melt Cosmetics was founded by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, two best friends who met working together at a Nordstrom makeup counter. They started their line by creating bold matte lipsticks in colors that didn't really exist at the time, like blue, green, purple, and black. Now, these colors are a bit more common, but these ladies truly helped to pioneer the trend. They soon expanded to create beautifully crafted eyeshadows with truly innovative packaging. The shades of all their products are unique and decadent. They celebrate the beauty of the individual wearer. If you've yet to experience the awesomeness that is Melt, check it out here.

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Welcome to the beauty revolution of 2017 — it's been a couple months since the year began, but these brands are doing nothing but picking up speed. Try them out and live your best beauty year yet.