If You Think Millennial Pink Chocolate Looks Good, Wait Until You Hear How It Tastes

by Megan Grant

Exciting news, millennials: you're finally getting credit for doing something cool instead of ruining it. The millennial pink color trend has touched a variety of objects, and now we can add another to the list. Millennial pink chocolate (real name: ruby chocolate) has been invented by Swiss chocolate makers in what is officially the newest flavor since white chocolate, which was created 80 years ago by Nestle.

The color of ruby chocolate is due to the natural shade of the ruby cocoa bean, which is actually a fruit. That's not all that makes this flavor of chocolate unique, either — it's fruity taste (with just a hint of berries) truly makes it one of a kind. Ruby chocolate has been introduced by the labs of Barry Callebaut AG, which happen to be the largest cocoa processors in the entire world. They certainly know their sweets. It took over a decade of development, but they managed to accomplish a pinkish reddish chocolate without any use of additives. Sure, pink and red chocolate (along with many other colors) already exist; but they've been artificially altered to look that way. Not ruby chocolate. It's 100 percent real. So yeah, I guess you could kind of say it's a BFD.

They revealed their millennial pink chocolate in Shanghai, China; but as far as its release in local grocery stores, that detail is not yet known.

The popular color has blessed us more than once, recently, with millennial pink doughnuts, fashion, beauty products, and everything hit by the rosé craze, including rosé Alfredo, rosé gummy bears, and rosé jelly, which makes for a PB&J sammie that's totally lit AF, or whatever kids are saying these days.

Cool, huh?

Now, don't get cocky, millennials. True, ruby chocolate's nickname is millennial pink, and that's pretty darn sweet. But just so we're clear, we've still ruined movie theaters, the handshake, golf, Home Depot, paper napkins, crowdfunding, the car industry, and credit. Know your place.