Mindy Kaling Is Celebrating Turning 40 By Giving Back In A MAJOR Way

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mindy Kaling has presumably one of the most stacked planners in Hollywood. In 2019 alone, she starred in, wrote, and produced the summer comedy Late Night and is working on upcoming shows for both Netflix and Hulu. Yet, the multi-talented star is taking time out of her birthday to give back. Kaling is making 40 birthday donations to 40 different charities, in celebration of her 40th b-day. The Office star announced her plan — and invited her fans to get involved — via Twitter on Monday morning.

"I'm so grateful to have my wonderful, peaceful life w/ my daughter Katherine," Kaling tweeted. "How lucky am I to turn 40? I would love to express my gratitude by donating $1000 to 40 different charitable orgs that help others. Pls suggest some! I will kick it off by giving $1000 to @RAICESTEXAS!"

Kaling followed her original tweet by approving donations to several charities suggested by users including @charitywater, @StJudeResearch, and @TrevorProject. At the time of publication, the writer had confirmed 15 of the 40 charities she would be contributing to, including the suggestions she tweeted that were offered on Instagram. For a full list of Kaling's birthday charities, check her Twitter page.

In addition to Kaling's philanthropic call-to-action, the producer has been commemorating the big 4-0 in other ways. Earlier in the day, she tweeted about an annual tradition she observes for her special day. "Just doing what I do every birthday morning, listening to the Graceland album and weeping my eyes out, reflecting on the joys and heartbreaks of my life," The Mindy Project creator tweeted. "Today I look back, tomorrow I look forward. Happy birthday to me — I worked hard these 40 years," alongside a heart.

As it turns out, Elvis wasn't the only artist on Kaling's b-day playlist. She posted a hilarious video of herself dancing to "Birthday Chick" by Trap Beckham. In it, the mother of nearly two-year-old Katherine grooves while going about her daily tasks including brushing her teeth, buttering toast, and picking up toys. Kaling captioned the creative video, "When your birthday falls on a Monday and you wanna turn up but still have responsibilities."

On an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden in mid-June the performer reflected on her landmark birthday in a hilariously casual way. When asked by Corden how she felt about her upcoming birthday Kaling replied, "I am turning 40 years old…I have felt 40 for about eight years." She added, "I get up in the middle of the night to pee, twice! I get up at 5:00 because of my anxieties. I like to go to bed at around 8:30. So for me, finally, the age is catching up to how I feel!"

Clearly, Kaling's excitement over entering a new decade has shown all day long on her birthday. From dancing her way through the day to giving away thoughtful donations, the multi-hyphenate is feeling major gratitude for her 40th.

If Kaling, who has more projects in the works than you could keep track of, can give back on her special day it can surely inspire others to do the same.