These 'Ocean's 8' Photos Are Filled With So Many Talented Women, It'll Make You Emotional

Here's a question: What's better than an Ocean's 8 trailer? The answer is nothing, because nothing can top all that female empowerment. But Mindy Kaling's Ocean's 8 cast photos may be the next best thing. The images were taken at CinemaCon on Tuesday evening, where the majority of the cast had assembled to promote the upcoming film, which is scheduled for a Friday, June 8 release. "We out here Vegas. Watch yo money," Kaling captioned an Instagram photo of herself and five other castmates smoldering into the camera. And you really better. Because if this photo is any indication, these women are not coming to play.

Six of the eight main cast members were pictured — Sarah Paulson, Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Awkwafina. And the Wrinkle in Time actor shouted out her two missing cast members as well. "Miss you @badgalriri & HBC," she continued in the caption, after a string of emojis including cash flying away, a money bag, and fire. (She's, of course, referring to Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter, who finish out the "eight" in the title, and were blessedly absent. Otherwise the star-studded nature of the photos might just have broken the internet.)

Because while those same six women captured in the snap also strutted the red carpet, it's in the behind-the-scenes shot where they really shine. The heist-tastic team looks relaxed and happy, sharing focus equally and pressing familiarly together to squeeze each of the film's stars into the frame. Kaling, Hathaway, Bullock, and Blanchett even appear to be touching heads, so it doesn't seem as though there's any drama in this cast, other than what audiences will see onscreen, because it was devised in the plot.

Even their outfits complement each other's, each standing alone as a dazzling number in its own right, but also blending with the ensembles of others. A true ensemble cast — you get it. With every piece so chic, you'll still be admiring the overall effect by the time you notice that they've made off with your most valuable possession.

In fact, that joyful mischievousness is exactly the vibe that the photo gives off. It looks as though it was taken moments before this badass group of women stole all the — what's something valuable at CinemaCon? Moments before they stole... millions of dollars worth of antique movie reels? To flip on the black market? Whatever it is, it's clear from their expressions that there's some sort of caper going on, and that viewers won't know about it until the group chooses to reveal it themselves. Because they have each other's backs hard.

And in case that wasn't enough, Kaling also shared a photo of the group on Twitter, that fans instantly gushed over.

The pictures capture exactly the same fun, tension-filled energy that came through from the Oceans 8 trailer as well. No hint of romantic entanglements, no bickering between any members of the all-female heist team. Just eight women who are smart, successful, good at what they do, and ready to support each other in the commission of a very big, very impressive crime. An action movie that anyone can get behind.

So while it's a delight to see a strong group of ladies with such a high caliber of talent come together like for a movie, the fact that it appears to be as easy offscreen as it is onscreen is incredibly refreshing. Every glimpse that's been given of this project so far evokes a comfort and an ease between the members of this cast that suggest they genuinely enjoy one another's company. And that means June just can't come quickly enough.