Here's How To Find Mirai Nagasu On All Your Fave Social Media Platforms

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Mirai Nagasu's Olympic moment is finally here and better than ever. After winning gold at the US Figure Skating Championships earlier in 2018, her record-breaking triple axel during the team event at the PyeongChang games stunned the world, and according to her social media she's having the best time possible. There are many ways to follow her online, and while Mirai Nagasu's snapchat may not be the most consistently updated, you might want to give her an add just in case she starts updating frequently.

You can find Nagasu on Snapchat @mirainagasu. But, what's really been popping off, for Nagasu and Team USA figure skating in general, is Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter is @mirai_nagasu and she's pinned some triple axel training footage that you can watch over and over. Recently she's been tweeting back and forth with her BFF and Olympic skating team pal Adam Rippon, sharing tons of links, freaking out over the celebrities who are sending their congratulations her way, and even snapping back at a few haters. Have you heard that Nagasu and Rippon shared sadness burgers on a roof four years ago, when neither of them qualified for the Sochi Olympics? It's all anybody can talk about.

On Instagram @mirainagasu, her journey to the Olympics (as well as her puppy dogs) is well-documented, and there are some "behind the scenes" moments in her story from time to time.

As for Snapchat, there's not much up there now, but here is her Snapcode information. She was clearly snapping at one point, though this tweet is from 2015 so it has possibly been a minute. Back then, as the tweet above indicates, she was snapping some skating falls.

It's awesome to take pride in your errors as part of a journey. “I think our programs are living, breathing things,” Nagasu said in a recent Team USA interview. “I’m a human being – I make mistakes all the time – and when I make those mistakes I’m prepared to make up for it in other places, so I think it will be better than what you last saw in Japan.”

Like many of us, she may have migrated from Snapchat to Instagram story. Honestly, how many apps can one person possibly be expected to update while also competing on the world stage? Also, does anybody know how to use the 2018 Snapchat update?

The team might actually be too busy to snap, too. “We don’t train together,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan. “And, actually, in the village we don’t get a lot of practice, because we have to share our venue with the speed skaters. So Team USA and U.S. Figure Skating have been strategic, and we have an option off-site."

You can always check out other Olympian snapchats to live vicariously through the athletes and see all the fun they're having, or other Olympic fan snapchats, like Leslie Jones at @Lesdogggg who always has the best commentary. But mostly on social, Nagasu can be found elsewhere.

She does, however, like an old-fashioned IRL snap:

In a recent reddit AMA, a commenter mentioned that Nagasu's Instagram stories feature a lot of musical theatre singalongs and karaoke moments. "I love Broadway," she replied. "I think Wicked and the Lion King are two of my favorites. Also, Miss Saigon was amazing. I just love them all."

You can spend an afternoon on Youtube watching her old skating programs and interviews. You can watch her NBC Sports interview for some premium dog content. There's plenty of Nagasu's social media presence out there and she's clearly a great follow. Maybe she'll be back on Snapchat when the Olympic games are over and training for the next big competition begins. Until then, there's always Twitter and IG.