Your Favorite 2000s Movie Is Coming To Netflix In October

by Nicole Pomarico
Liz Minch/Bustle

It's hard to believe that October is almost here, but so many good things come with it: Halloween, fall weather and flannel shirts, even more pumpkin flavored food items. And now that one of the greatest 2000s movies will be streaming soon, there's something else to add to that list. It's officially happening, everyone. Bustle can now reveal that Miss Congeniality is coming to Netflix in October, so get ready to be reunited with Gracie Lou Freebush almost 17 years after its original December 2000 theatrical release. (Check back on Wednesday, Sept. 20 to see the full list of movies and shows coming to Netflix in October.)

And if you're among the (pretty small) population who hasn't seen this classic rom com, plan to add it to your queue immediately. There's something for everyone — Sandra Bullock as an FBI agent, comedy, action, and romance, and even William Shatner as one of the pageant hosts. It's hard to imagine how anyone wouldn't love this movie, and even though it's nearly two decades old, it's definitely held up through the years. Then again, that's pretty typical when it comes to Bullock's movies. Who doesn't still love The Proposal?

And as for Miss Congeniality itself, there's a lot to love about that movie, even though most people have come away from it quoting one line in particular:

That's one of the most classic scenes, but it's not the only one worth remembering (and reliving next month when it finally arrives on Netflix). Gracie Hart's life before the pageant is too good — hanging out, doing a little boxing, shutting down a mob operation or two... you know how it is. And then after her transformation into Gracie Lou, otherwise known as Miss New Jersey, so much changes that has nothing to do with the way she looks. Not only does she manage to save the pageant from an explosion that could have caused mass casualties, but she also found real friends among her fellow contestants. And who could disagree that this woman plays music using wine glasses better than anyone else? It's quite a talent.

Another reason to love Miss Congeniality is the fact that it's so relatable. You don't have to be an FBI agent or a pageant contestant to have experienced exactly what Bullock's character is going through. She's often a little clumsy, says the wrong thing at the wrong time, and is sometimes guilty of judging the other women before she gets to know them. She feels so out of place in the new environment she's been forced into for the sake of her job, and that's a situation everyone's been in a time or two. The plot might be totally out there, but the characters in this movie are so real.

But the best part of the movie might be the lesson that comes by the end: It is, in fact, possible to be feminine and badass at the same time. When the pageant is over and Gracie gets her normal life back, she doesn't fully return to who she was before; she keeps the parts of her transformation that she actually ended up liking. Nice hair and makeup isn't required to be a strong woman, but caring about how you look doesn't mean you aren't one, either. That's something people forget sometimes, so watching Miss Congeniality could be a nice reminder of that.

It definitely can't hurt to plan a night in next month to pay tribute to what an awesome movie this really is, especially since so many of us saw it for the first time during our formative teen years. It's the perfect dose of nostalgia, and honestly, what could be better than watching Miss Congeniality without leaving your couch? Better order a pizza or two, though. Agent Gracie Hart would be proud.