Miss USA's Miss Universe 2017 Gown Is Golden, Glittery, And Gorgeous

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Current Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere of France has passed her title along and a new Miss Universe has been chosen. While Miss USA Kára McCullough competed for the crown of Miss Universe and graduated to the Top 10, she did not advance to the Top 3, sadly. The ultimate winner was Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, so congrats to her! But let's reflect on how gorgeous Miss USA looked for a moment, shall we?

Despite not taking the title, McCullough was and still is a major source of inspo, thanks to her brains and her beauty. She certainly put on a display that made her country proud as she took the stage to vie for the Miss Universe crown.

During the evening gown portion of the pageant, held in Las Vegas on Sunday, Nov. 26, McCullough's Miss Universe dress was glittery and golden, complete with a major slit, a keyhole bodice which played peek-a-boo and showed off some major cleavage, and cap sleeves. It also fastened at her throat.

There were a lot of design elements happening with this fitted, column-like gown, which glimmered and shimmered. But it was stylish and fashionable, which is not always that case at pageants.

Have a look!

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She slayed the stage and the dress, from top to bottom, as she strutted her way around. It was a case where she wore the dress — it never wore her. Ultimately, the scientist was supremely sexy.

Check out McCullough, who is second from the left in this clip. Opting for an updo with her hair was a smart choice so she could show off all of the aforementioned elements of the dress. A swept back coif also allowed her lovely features to be another focus of her overall presentation.

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However, fans and pageant watchers will no doubt remember that McCullough, who was Miss District of Columbia when she won Miss USA back in May, wore her amazing, dark hair in natural, spiral curls for the competition. She stood out among her fellow contestants, most of which were rocking pin straight blow outs with major teasing at the crow or big, manufactured curls that were created via heat-styling tools.

McCullough also admitted in an interview during the run up to the Miss USA pageant that she was concerned about how viewers might receive her natural strands. But it didn't matter, because she crushed it and the Twitterverse was alight with support from viewers who were beyond stoked that she opted to show off her tendrils as is.

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For the 2017 Miss Universe competition, McCullough showed off her lush, defined curls. Her hair was the perfect complement to the purple, sequined mini she wore in the earliest stages of the show. She clearly knows what works for her and show owns it every time she competes.

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Let's flashback to McCullough on the night of her big win in May 2017. The girl is gorgeous.

It wasn't surprising that McCullough wore her hair curly for Miss Universe, since her official Miss USA Instagram has been filled with images from the show's rehearsals and she has been showing off her natural coif in all of them. She rocks her curls most of the time and she is so #HairGoals.

Like so! When your hair is that awesome and has so much definition, shape, life, and volume, you want to show it off. And McCullough has been showing it off. When competing for Miss USA, she said, "I decided to embrace what makes me feel comfortable and what makes me feel the best and brightest on stage, but also embrace what other people can relate to." Amen, Kara! Amen!