Molly Mesnick Tweeted About The Weird Way 'Bachelor' 1-On-1 Dates Start & It’s Eye-Opening

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are many traditions to expect during each season of The Bachelor. Chris Harrison will remind everyone that there's one rose left. Contestants will ask the Bachelor if they can "steal him for a second." The finale will be the most dramatic ever, even if it's not true. (Well, this time it actually was.) The list goes on and on. And regarding one aspect of the show that always happens, Season 13 runner-up (and eventual winner in a sense) Molly Mesnick tweeted about how Bachelor contestants start 1-on-1 dates in a weird way that is too present year after year on this show.

For pretty much every single 1-on-1 date, the woman gets a running head start, leaps up into the Bachelor's arms, and wraps her legs around him for a hug to start out their solo date. This is not nearly as common in real life as it is within the Bachelor franchise. Is this a required part of the show? Have the rest of us just been hugging incorrectly this whole time? Did the women study the seasons before theirs for inspiration? It's never actually been addressed on the show, but the go-to move gets a lot of attention on social media.

Molly met her husband, Jason Mesnick, during Season 13 of The Bachelor. He did not originally choose her, but called off his engagement with winner Melissa Rycroft as a surprise end to that season. Thanks to Arie Luyendyk Jr. pulling a similar (but somehow even less tactful) move at the end of his season, the Season 13 ending has a revived relevance these days.

Fortunately, Jason and Molly have been happily married for years now. Obviously, things are all good today, but life definitely would have been a whole lot easier if Jason just gave Molly that final rose in the first place. Molly even jokingly theorized about why she came in second place with her hilarious tweet about that infamous run, leap, and hug move.

Maybe if Molly used the move Jason would have realized that she was the one for him right away. Well, probably not, but it's all worked out for the best. These two are a happy couple and Molly never fell into this tired cliche. Ultimately, she's a winner all around.

Aside from inducing some laughs and accumulating likes, Molly's tweet sparked some pretty interesting (and hilarious) conversation on Twitter.

A Twitter user responded to Molly with "Listen to Heather McDonald comedian on her podcast Juicy Scoop when she recaps the Bachelor. She calls it the toddler jump!" Molly continue to poke fun at the signature move and tweeted, "I've never even considered doing it!"

Heather McDonald then chimed in on the conversation herself:

Another fan tweeted Molly, "your season was the first one I noticed it and it annoyed me sooo sooo much. Thanks for being awesome 4 forgoing that move." Molly quoted that tweet and emphasized her disdain for the move:

In response to a fan who asked if the producers tell contestants to run and jump when they greet the Bachelor, Molly responded, "They certainly encouraged it, but I would never do that in real life so why would I do it on the show!?" That is such a valid point.

Molly is not the only one against it. There have been plenty of Bachelor fans who made fun of the greeting over the years:

Molly did not jump into Jason's arms on The Bachelor, but clearly taking a leap for love did work out for her when she gave him a second shot after their season. Maybe future hopeful Bachelor winners would be best off following Molly's lead and avoiding the overdone greeting.