MONOGRAM'S Adorable Graphic Tees Are The Perfect Summer Staple

Courtesy of MONOGRAM

Sometimes, all you need in the summer is a light tee. Graphic tees make a great summer staple since you can dress them up or down. Pair it with some ripped jeans and sneakers or with a pleated tea-length skirt and wedges for an enviable #OOTD snap. If you haven't been able to find your favorite tee for the summer, MONOGRAM Studio has got you covered. Designed in NYC but made in LA, these graphic tees are perfect for any shirt style preference since they are debuting two new silhouettes —the boxy fit and the baby tee.

What's great about the boxy fit is that it is "slightly '80s in that young Sarah Jessica Parker type of way," as MONOGRAM describes. The boxy fit is a crew neck tee cropped to fit just below your waist, and has a relaxed fit overall.

Inspired by MONOGRAM's founders Jeff and Lisa, the baby fit tee resembles their '90s Mazzy Star tour T-shirt and is a crew neck that is slim through the body and has a cap sleeve.

The brand's two new signature styles launched online today, and you can shop several new designs at $65 each.

1. Wet Boxy Fit Tee

Courtesy of MONOGRAM

Wet Boxy Fit Tee, $65,

I am loving the boxy, cropped look of the boxy tee.

2. Let's Pretend Boxy Fit Tee

Courtesy of MONOGRAM

Let's Pretend Boxy Fit Tee, $65,

These tees look light and airy for summer.

3. Paradise Found Baby Tee

Courtesy of MONOGRAM

Paradise Found Baby Tee, $65,

Layer your graphic tees under summer vests or tuck into skirts or wide-legged pants.

4. Fantasies Fulfilled Baby Tee

Courtesy of MONOGRAM

Fantasies Fulfilled Baby Tee, $65,

The baby tee's slim fit can be an adorable yet casual edition to any summer outfit.

5. Sea Sex Sun Baby Tee

Courtesy of MONOGRAM

Sea Sex Sun Baby Tee, $65,

The baby tee also has a vintage vibe to it.