These New Blushes Are The Most Affordable Palettes You'll Buy All Spring

Sure, you've heard of the major affordable brands from the drugstore. You probably have some Maybelline, L'Oreal, or Milani in your everyday routine, but one affordable, online brand is giving you the perfect spring flush. Morphe's new blush palettes are an affordable way to get that perfect spring time flush in a way that's not going to cause you to miss your rent payment.

If you haven't heard of Morphe before, you may not follow a lot of beauty gurus. However, there's one product from the brand you might definitely know about, and that's the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. The gorgeous collection of shadows has sold over 1 million units, and it seems to still be going strong.

Of course, if you have heard of Morphe (outside of the Jaclyn Hill palette), you probably already know that they're a major source for affordable and quality beauty products. From brushes and sponges to eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks, their prices are some of the hardest to beat for the quality. Now, they're launching a brand new collection of blush palettes that are going to have you looking like you were born to live in a year around spring. The best part? They definitely won't break the bank.

Morphe has launched seven (yes, a whopping seven) new blush trios that are basically perfect. That's not all. If you're a rouge connoisseur, they've got something else for you. They're debuting two Pro Palettes with eight blushes inside. If they're a hue you've been dying to try, there's a very good chance that Morphe just launched it alongside other coordinating colors.

As for the price, get ready to have your socks knocked off. The brand has always been known for its affordability, and that certainly hasn't changed. According to their website, the blush trios ring in at only $12 each, and for those eight pan pro palettes, you'll only have to spend $20. Talk about a steal right? If you are a fan of YouTube beauty gurus, there's a good chance that you know one of two who have a discount code with the brand. If you want to score 10 percent off your purchase, you may want to investigate which of your favorite YouTubers has said code.

While Morphe probably has more than enough palettes to go around, if you're totally in love, you may want to move fast. According to Twitter, fans are already falling in love with these beauties.

Even people who don't wear blush are considering making a purchase.

Even before the Apr. 12 launch, Morphe fans were on the edge of their seat waiting to get their hands on the hues.

The blush launch comes on the heels of what seems to be another very popular product. YouTube beauty guru Laura Lee has created a curated set of brushes with the brand. The tools inside the set are some of her most used, and fans ate it up.

The brushes sold out the same day they were launched, and they've already had to be restocked. Clearly, Morphe is killing the makeup game with some of their latest products (here's looking at you, too, Bretman), and fans can't seem to get enough.

If you're ready to get your springtime flush on, it's time to go shopping. Head over to the Morphe store now and snatch up one (or all) of the new Blush Trios or one of the Pro Palettes. At $12 and $20 respectively, they won't break the bank, and they'll have you looking like summertime is just around the corner.